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The Best Clothes for Fishing

  • You may have all your fishing gear, but do you know what’s the best fishing clothing? Choosing what to wear for a fishing trip can be challenging for all anglers – not least for first timers new to the sport – so we thought we’d put together a guide brimming with fishing outfit tips and tricks to help you on your way. Apply our full range of practical and stylish clothing advice and, just like the fish, you'll look and feel a catch too!

  • Fishing clothing basics to suit you!

    The key to selecting the best, most appropriate men's and women's fishing clothes is to prioritise comfort and to keep the temperature and season well and truly in mind. Whether choosing clothes for fly fishing, sea angling, jetting into the deep blue, or perching on a riverbank, you need sensible, comfy and protective clothing that you can sit and stand around in for hours on end. Before compiling your outfit therefore, it's essential to consider where you're headed and what the weather's up to, and to then build your look around layers. Great for colder months and warmer days alike, layers sit at the heart of every fishing clothing look-book! The better you feel, the longer you'll withstand the elements and the more plentiful (hopefully!) your catch. Lucky for you, we have a full range of items for sale that will meet your fishing fashion needs.

  • Fishing in chilly conditions: jackets and coats to see you through

    Let's start with the ultimate outer layer. If it's winter or you're bracing yourself for cold UK weather, you really need extra warm clothes for fishing. A strongly insulated parka coat or puffer jacket will work wonders, even in the harshest conditions. Make sure you go for water-repellent (even if the rain doesn't get you, the act of fishing most certainly will) and perhaps opt for a model with a hood, as well as an adjustable hem and cuffs to trap in extra warmth. Funnel neck and high collar designs will also keep you toasty as you wait for something to bite.

    Don't be fooled though, even outside of winter months an insulating jacket is good to have on hand. As fishing can be a fairly static sport that keeps you outside for several hours, it's normal for your body heat to plummet even on mild days. An easily packable water-repellent windbreaker or men's lightweight puffer will do the trick in spring and during summer mornings and evenings too. Browse our range and find one that's right for you!

    For an extra layer of warmth under your coat if it’s freezing cold, or for just a little insulation when it’s nice out, add a gilet to the mix. A fleece gilet or sleeveless puffer can make a world of difference, all while maintaining the freedom of movement that is key to good fishing. If gilets aren’t quite your thing though, why not swap in an extra cosy zip-up fleece jumper instead?

  • Base layers, shirts and trousers: what else to wear fishing?

    Now we've covered your outermost layer, let's consider fishing base layers. A lightweight cotton or fast-drying microfibre t-shirt is your first port of call. This will serve as a great thermal-effect layer that successfully keeps in the heat in cold seasons, but equally as something cool when worn on its own, that protects your shoulders from UV rays on hot, sunny days. If it's super cold out, you can always add a vest beneath this, but again, go for breathable fabric.

    Next up, opt for a long sleeved, lightweight flannel shirt – every angler’s favourite. It’s the perfect pick for any season, layered up or down. Stay snug in the winter by wearing it buttoned up as a mid-layer or leave it open and roll up the sleeves in the summer for a cool, casual look. Don’t forget to pop your collar to prevent your neck from getting sunburnt while you’re busy throwing a line!

    On your bottom half, go for loose fitting board shorts (in summer), or quick-dry microfibre cargo trousers to make wading into the water, and back out again, an easy affair. There's nothing worse than staying damp for hours at a time, so avoid heavy fabrics at all costs. It's also wise to adorn yourself in something with multiple pockets (preferably ones that have zips or press-stud fastenings), so that you have a handy place to store all your fishing lures!

    Whatever you decide on, prioritise neutral and darker tones such as deep green, navy or khaki. The trick is to avoid anything too bold, otherwise the fish will spot you a mile off...

  • Best fishing clothing add-ons: accessories that will reel you in

    Just like with many sports, appropriate fishing wear is only made complete once accessories are added in. Starting from the top, taking a hat with you when you set out on a fishing trip is vital. Of course your classic knitted winter hat or wide-brim sunhat are an option, but baseball caps are ultimately the most ideal here. Not only will they help regulate your temperature whatever the season, but they will protect your face from the risk of sunburn and also shield your eyes from any glaring rays. On that note, sunglasses are an equal essential – strong vision is a real bonus when it comes to fishing, and staring at light-reflective water all day long will cause your eyes to strain after a while.

    Just as key, you'll want to take a pair of gloves (or two!) out with you, unless it's the middle of summer. Cold hands will do you no favours when it comes to fishing – if you've forgotten your gloves, you might as well turn around and go home again. In the same way that packing an extra pair of gloves in preparation for your original pair inevitably getting damp is a sensible option, packing a spare pair of socks is also a wise idea. Go for thick and padded ones which will provide top comfort, support and also insulation while you are kept standing on your feet!

    Finally, you will want to pay close attention to what shoes you decide upon for your day's fishing adventure. Water-repellent walking shoes which can double up as your fishing boots are the best option. With rugged soles, these will help you avoid slipping on wet terrain and, hard-wearing and resistant, they will also offer optimum protection. On unbearably hot summer days and in particularly shallow and low-risk waters, you may be able to get away with washable trainers or even sandals. But make sure they still have a solid grip, and do bear in mind that they leave your feet rather exposed! Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, and fortunately many of our high, low and mid-rise walking shoes have a lightweight feel, meaning they won't force you to exert yourself more than you would like. You may even forget they're on your feet!

  • Adventure time!

    And there you have it – you'll never need to question what the best clothes for fishing are again! Three golden rules to apply to your fishing trip in addition to all the aforementioned advice: always pack a change of clothes to be on the safe side, take a bag with you that you can sling on over your shoulder or clip around your waist to keep all your necessities close to hand, and pack sun cream even if it's cloudy! So now you're all clued up, why not put what you've learnt to practice and explore our affordable range for any pieces you're still in need of! Luckily, you don't need to have a whole host of special clothing to be able to throw yourself into this sport. Just choose your items wisely, wrap up well and the world's your oyster!

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