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How to Choose the Best Men's Walking Trousers for Your Hiking Adventure?

  • In order to enjoy your hike to the full and to carry out your walking activities in the best conditions possible, it’s important to choose your walking gear wisely! And, given that your legs will be doing most of the work, no piece of clothing needs more careful consideration than your trousers (or shorts!). As well as needing to be resistant, they must provide freedom of movement and ultimate comfort. And of course, practical features and style are equally important! So, with our walking trouser guide – that gives due thought to weather conditions and the intensity of your walking activities – let us help guide you towards the perfect, practical pair for your every adventure!

  • The outdoor classic: cargo trousers

    First off, let’s consider the hiker’s basic – the oh-so classic cargo trousers, perfect for all types of action! Whether you’re strolling through woodlands or taking on hostile terrain, this trouser model will keep your legs protected from cuts, scrapes and unforeseen shocks. Plus, they’re a perfect barrier against a chilly atmosphere. Thanks to their loose fit, they also let you move with ease and our very own Atlas For Men models do this all the more, since they have a little stretch built into their fabric. Some designs also have a fully adjustable elasticated waist to them, allowing for a perfect fit and helping you avoid irritation and friction burns.

    In terms of practicality, cargo pants are a men's hiking trouser champion! Their multiple pockets mean you can keep your essentials close to hand, making them the perfect antidote to rummaging through your bag! Some of their pockets are even securely fasted by hook-and-loop patches, so you’ll never lose those all important items, like your phone and keys, again. What’s more, there’s a huge range of cargo models out there, made in an array of fabrics. From insulating corduroy and durable canvas for winter, to lightweight and quick-dry microfibre polyester for summer, find the design that best suits you and the climate you find yourself in.

  • The trekking gamechanger: convertible and lightweight zip-off trousers

    If the sun’s peeping through but the weather could go either way, chuck on a functional pair of 2-in-1 convertible trousers to cover all bases. With a zip on each leg, these lightweight models transform into shorts or cropped trousers quickly and effortlessly – meaning there's no need to carry a back-up outfit in your rucksack. They’re useful not only when the weather’s a bit unsettled or when the temperature may be about to peak or drop, but also when insects and midges suddenly appear, or when the terrain becomes such that you need that extra bit of protection on the lower half of your legs. And, if you hit a steep incline and you're desperate to feel the air on your skin again, just unzip. It’s as simple as that. Zip on, zip off…

  • Walking shorts for the UK summertime

    For summer walking adventures, the answer to ‘what should you wear?’ often lies in a pair of shorts! If the weather conditions are favourable, then why tangle yourself up in full length trousers? Whether you’re in the countryside, scaling a mountain or rambling along the coast, shorts are a one-size-fits-all warm weather clothing solution. For smooth terrains that seem pretty risk-free (no brambles, creepy crawlies or anything else hiding in the undergrowth), shorts can be a good bet. Our top tip: favour cargo models and their many pockets if it’s practicality that you’re after! And if you’re wanting to blend into the natural scenery, choose designs in khaki, beige or even camouflage print. Alternatively, maybe one of our denim or check styles will catch your eye. Regardless, if you’re embarking on a pulse-raising escapade, shorts are the perfect item to slip into. But if combat styles are not quite for you, then quick-dry microfibre sports shorts are an equally good alternative.

  • Fabric choice: everything from softshell, quick-dry and water-repellent materials, to something with a little stretch

    As well as considering trouser type and style, fabric is another factor that comes into play if you want to choose the best walking clothes for your lower half. While we’ve already brushed upon the topic, the main synthetic fabric hero to draw your attention to is polyester. Found in both canvas, softshell and microfibre, for example, polyester is the component that weaves essential resistance into fabrics, making your clothing hard-wearing. Anything with polyester in it, then, is great for physical activity, as repetitive physical movements often rub away at materials, causing general wear-and-tear. Given its durability, polyester is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for items to wear on a walk where you’re sure to come into contact with rocks, branches or any other obstacles. Polyester fibres are also breathable and whisk away perspiration, meaning they’re the ultimate pick for hot weather or intensive activities. Therefore, alongside cargo trousers and shorts, microfibre tracksuit bottoms are a flexible, comfortable and practical model to add to your walking clothing wish list.

    It’s worth noting too that canvas, microcanvas and microfibre materials are super lightweight and dry in the blink of an eye; they’re every hiker’s best adventure buddy! Other fabric top tips are that anything with elastane will have a stretch to it (meaning your clothes will comfortably move with you and you can avoid tension building up around your buttocks or knee caps) and that, in winter, nothing beats thick cotton for ultimate protection from the cold! On top of that, it's a no-brainer that hiking trousers with a water-repellent finish to them will best equip you for wet weather.

  • Quality trousers for hill walking, mountain climbing or cross-country ambling!

    So, the only question left to ask is what trousers will you choose? Luckily for you, we have plenty of styles available among our men’s collection. You might be able to talk the talk when it comes to fitness, stamina and distances covered… but make sure you’re kitted out with the right hiking clothes to actually let you walk the walk too!

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