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Best Picnic Places in the UK – England Edition

  • As spring transitions ever closer to summer, picnic season is just about beginning! And with multiple Bank Holidays on the horizon, what better time is there to plan a little outdoors gathering? The perfect budget-friendly way to dine with family and friends in the fresh-air, picnics are a great source of enjoyment for all and promise to be a hit even in the humblest of surroundings. That being said, nothing beats a picnic in a scenic setting… Conveniently, thanks to its diverse landscapes, vast green spaces and charming coastlines, the UK is home to countless must-visit picnic areas that provide an idyllic backdrop for outdoor eating. So, whether you’re hoping to occupy the kids or wanting to enjoy a romantic outing with your other half, it’s time to pick a location and put the simple art of picnicking into practice.

    Even without our help, we don't doubt that you'll be able to easily stumble upon a great spot nearby. Nevertheless, in case you're after something a little bit out of the ordinary, we thought we'd put together a list of some particularly great places to enjoy a bite to eat. Grab your sunhat, sun cream and picnic blanket, and let us guide you to the perfect spot...

  • North and South: Where can you head for a pretty picnic spot in England's countryside? From the New Forest to Causey Arch and Bowlees Picnic Area in county Durham... here's a few handpicked top locations!

    If you're wanting to feel at one with nature during your picnic, then the New Forest – a mix of forest, pastureland and river valleys in the South of England encompassing a whopping 140,000 acres – is definitely the location for you! This beautiful, geographically rich area became a National Park in 2005 and is considered a Special Area of Conservation, meaning stepping foot here will fully immerse you in the great wide world. Given its expanse, the New Forest's picnic opportunities are endless, but here's a special few... Why not head to Blackwater Tall Trees Trail on a warm day to enjoy a secluded picnic beneath the cool shade of looming trees. while marveling at just how tall the trees here really are! Follow the trail to walk off your lunch afterwards (don't forget your walking shoes or sturdy trainers!), and enjoy enthralling signposted facts about some of the toughest and tallest trees in the world, or discover some of the oldest tree species in Britain. Alternatively, settle yourself near quiet waters. Although you'll have to pay to get in, Buckler's Hard is a sensational picnic area on the banks of the Beaulieu River that's well worth the money. Meanwhile, Tanners Lane beach (3 miles from Lymington but still part of the New Forest) is another great lunch spot – so long as you walk far enough along the coastline, you'll be able to evade other visitors and have the beach more or less entirely to yourself! You could even stop by here for the evening, so that you can munch away while enjoying direct sunset views. Just take note that there are no immediately accessible facilities.

    And in case the New Forest is too far afield, our favourite Northern location for a little make-shift, outdoors 'fine dining' is county Durham. Causey Arch picnic area is a lovely little spot, where greenery and rich history can all be enjoyed in the same breath. For those who don't know, Causey Arch is the name of the bridge found here, that is in fact the oldest intact single-arch railway bridge in Britain. Beneath it trickles the Causey Burn river, meaning this picnic hotspot will expose you to the lulling sounds of rushing water and birdsong! Bowlees Picnic Area, similarly located in County Durham, is another must-visit, easy-access destination with a car park. Four small waterfalls can be found here, along with wildflowers and a vibrant selection of wildlife, making it a place of extraordinary beauty where you're sure to be able to sit back and relax for a long afternoon!

  • (South) East: Rolling hills, beautiful parks and sea views constitute Kent's best picnic grounds

    Known as the Garden of England, where better to venture to enjoy a scenic picnic than the green countryside of Kent? If it's stunning views that you're after, then the prettily named Blue Bell Hill may be just the place for you! Easily accessible with a nearby car park, it is situated within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and looks out over miles of glorious English countryside – grassland, ploughed fields and wooded areas. Another option is Lullingstone country park, with its 460 acres of combined woodland and grassland and it's 300+ ancient trees. Winner of a Green Flag award, this is a beautiful place to park up for a picnic and, if you're looking for post-dinner entertainment, you'll find the family estate of Lullingstone Castle only a short distance away. If you're keen to instead take advantage of Kent's coastal proximity, trekking up to the top of the white cliffs of Dover will provide you with another superb picnic spot. While away time watching the ferries come and go and, on a clear day, why not try and spot the shoreline of France in the distance! Just be sure to take a jacket with you as the sea breeze can often add a nip to the air.

  • West: Visit Shropshire for an unforgettable picnic experience!

    Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd in the West Midlands is another pretty place for a picnic pit stop! Since it is somewhat of an intersection of cycling, walking and even horse-riding routes, it's a great place for getting active. But, after your physical exertions, reward yourself and enjoy some delicious treats, while surrounded by acres and acres of heather-covered hills. The views here provide the perfect detox from urban life and bring a reminder of just how special the great outdoors is. Avid birdwatchers will want to pack their binoculars, and anyone that fancies a wild swim will be grateful to have their swimwear to hand – a reservoir that's fit for a dip is located within a short distance from the top car park! This truly is a wonderful spot that can be enjoyed by all.

  • Where to go for a picnic: discover your local picnic spots and search for the best sites near you!

    While we hope you'll take note of the places we've listed, don't shy away from seeking out your very own personal favourite picnic spots! Idyllic locations can be found near or far, so there's sure to be a couple lurking just around the corner from you. And conveniently, a quick online search for nearby spots could leave you brimming with ideas! Picnics are one of life's simple pleasures. All you need is a good setting, good food and good company and you're sure to have the best time.

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