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What Clothes to Wear for a Spot of Casual Cycling: Practical Outfit Tips, That Don’t Compromise on Style

  • Choosing what to wear for physical activities is sometimes a bit of a stumbling block, meaning your impulse to exercise fades and you never actually make it out the door. While there is a huge range of cycling clothes on sale across the UK aimed at the routine rider, the more amateur bikers among us who simply take pleasure in embracing our bicycles from time to time are often left at a loss for what to wear. But using the top tips outlined below, when it comes to outfits for bike rides, you’ll never have to think again! So read on, follow our cycling clothes advice, and gear up for your next adventure with some of the best quality items out there!

  • What clothing to wear for a bike ride: whether trousers or shorts, all you need is to look and feel your best!

    First things first, comfort is key – especially when a saddle is involved. For freedom of movement and maximum ease on the road, avoid wearing anything too tight! On your bottom half, aim for joggers, cropped trousers or shorts that are soft against your skin and give a little. Keep an eye out for materials partially composed of elastane – they promise to be stretchy! Loose-fitting is great, though you’ll want to steer clear of anything too baggy as you run the risk of getting caught up in the moving machinery of your bike. If it’s chilly out and you’re planning to take it gently, then go for fleece joggers which will keep you insulated and offer extra cushioning. But, if you’re intending to peddle hard or if the sun is shining down, then items made of fast-drying microfibre or breathable cotton are your best bet!

    The tip is really to opt for feel-good items – even right down to your underwear – without compromising on style. And for that, our menswear collection provides ample choice. The same easy-to-move-in advice also points to the best cycling clothes for women. So, ladies can draw inspiration from the above too, perhaps opting for a pair of wide-leg jersey trousers for a touch of elegance.

  • From jackets to base layers: activewear to suit you all year round, come rain or shine

    We may have already covered what to wear on your legs, but what you wear on top is equally important – if not more so! Checking the weather before you head out is always advisable, and if grey clouds are looming then be sure to take a lightweight, water-repellent windbreaker jacket with you. Even without the threat of rain, these jackets – available for both men and women – are a great shield from hostile weather and are guaranteed to keep the cold out.

    As well as dressing for the elements, you need to dress for the season too! The heat of summer calls for a lightweight t-shirt or – for a chic, chilled-out holiday look – a polo shirt is a great option (though stretchy jersey fabric is preferable here). Opt for pale colours or classic white to reflect the sunlight and keep your temperature down. However, if you’re feeling more daring and are keen to channel a sportier vibe, bright red, turquoise or yellow won’t go a miss!

    When it comes to choosing cycling clothes for winter, think lots of layers and build up to an insulating fleece or sleeveless gilet on top. Since they don’t constrict the arms, bodywarmers can be the perfect solution to chillier temperatures. For your base layer, you’ll want to wear a stretchy top that sits close to your skin in order to maximise insulation. Men’s vests are often the perfect thermal, but if it’s super chilly and you’re just out for a casual trip, a thin turtleneck jumper could be just what you need. Plus, its high neck is sure to give you a bit of an edge. To complete your winter cycling clothes outfit, don’t forget a pair of gloves. While you may be fooled into thinking these are just a minor addition that you can do without, chapped knuckles and frozen fingers will soon convince you that they’re the most important piece of cycling kit around!

  • For true biker style and pure practicality right down to your shoes, add accessories

    No outfit is complete without accessories, and the same rings true even when it comes to men’s and women’s cycling clothes. Now you have your bike clothing basics sorted, it’s time to turn to practical extras. Though seated, comfortable footwear is still an essential here. Light, flexible trainers with lining that will let your foot breathe are a must, and padded socks that aren’t going to slip half way down your foot will be just as appreciated! In addition, if your outfit doesn’t boast any zipped pockets and your bike is missing a basket, you’ll want a handy bag to keep your keys and valuables in – a simple holster bag or even a bumbag will do the trick! Add a final touch of style to your chosen bike clothing with a pair of sunglasses, and be sure to keep your eyes on the road if it’s bright out!

  • Buy this week and cycle near or far the next: we've got you covered, no matter where your adventures takes you!

    While safety comes first – don’t forget your helmet or to add a hi-vis streak to your outfit if heading out in the dark – style and practicality come a close joint second for ladies and men’s cycling clothes! Now you’re feeling inspired, why not shop your next biking look and check out our online clothes collections, which even come in plus sizes!

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