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Men's Style - How to Dress for Your Body Type

  • Everybody is different, that’s why it’s important to choose a style that works for you! You’re likely to match one of the four main body types: H, O, V and A. Finding your shape is the first step to choosing the right clothes that will flatter your figure and accentuate your best features!

  • So, you've got an H frame. What does that mean and how should you dress?

    You’ve got an H (rectangular) frame if your hips and shoulders are the same width. More often than not, this body type is long and slim, with a fairly narrow waistline.

    Pick the right clothes for your type: here, you want to add some structure to your figure by visually slimming down (or at least not emphasising) your hips, and broadening your chest and shoulders. Choose basic slim or regular cut trousers, preferably in darker colours. On top of this, you should aim for t-shirts, tops and cardigans that are more fitted, or shirts that are shaped at the waist. This is where you want to add a splash of colour or a horizontal design. Your neckline will also benefit from V-necks or shawl collars, which are ideal to make the most of your frame.

  • So, you've got an O frame. What does this mean and how could you dress?

    You’ve got an O (oval) frame if your hips and shoulders are the same width, and your chest or waist is a little larger.

    Pick the right clothes for your type: the key here is to tone down curves while emphasising your shoulders. Start by choosing regular-fit trousers – neither too loose nor too tight. The same goes for your shirts and tops – a slightly shaped model will really make the most of your shoulders. Here, it’s important to limit your choice of bright colours or big print designs. Try vertical stripes and V-necks instead, which will elongate your figure and visually slim you down.

  • So, you've got a V frame. What does this mean and how could you dress?

    You’ve got a V (inverted triangular) frame if your shoulders are much wider than your hips and your waist. This is often the body shape of sportsmen and bodybuilders.

    Pick the right clothes for your type: flatter your athletic figure with nicely fitted (but not skin-tight) clothing. If your legs are strong and muscular, go for regular or semi-slim trousers. Slimmer legs look great in coloured fabrics, like camel or burgundy. On top, you can’t do much better than a round-neck tee or a short sleeve polo shirt. Fitted shirts are ideal too – just make sure you pick the right size for all-day comfort! And when you need a sweater or a pullover, choose round-necks over Vs, and avoid shawl necks whenever you can.

  • So, you've got an A frame. What does this mean and how could you dress?

    You’ve got an A (triangular) frame if your your hips and your waist are wider than your shoulders.

    Pick the right clothes for your type: the objective here is to flip the triangle around and broaden your shoulders, while making your waist look smaller and slimmer. Choose regular-fit or bootcut trousers paired with discreet belts that won’t draw the eye to your waistline. Next, you’ll want a good set of t-shirts and pullovers – with scoop or V necks, if possible – and horizontal stripes or patterns that run across the top of your chest. If you want to wear a shirt, choose a regular fit and keep it untucked for a more casual look.

  • So, now you have a starting point for your body type and how to make the most of it. Just remember that nothing is set in stone, and that the most important thing is to wear clothes that are comfortable – and that you feel good in.

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