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Sporty Style Guide - For the Ultimate in Leisure and Comfort, Sportswear is the Way to Go

  • Whether you’re heading to the tennis court, going for a run or just lazing around the house, sports outfits and an athleisure style are a comfortable way to look and feel good. It’s a wonderful blend of sport and style, allowing you to mix and match your clothes to suit your mood. These outfits make ideal loungewear (and can even be worn into town) and are your best friend when relaxing on holiday. There’s something for everyone, with clothing and accessories including walking shoes, sandals, hats and more! So if you’re new to the sportier style, keep reading!

  • Mixing sport and style

    Make no mistake, sporty style is not about shiny shell suits or Lycra. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to swap out some of the more formal parts of your day to day wardrobe with something decidedly more casual and comfortable. Need a clue? Try switching your classic jeans for a light pair of joggers or chinos. Lose the long-sleeve shirt and opt for a polo shirt or a round-neck t-shirt. Change your cardigan or jacket for a tracksuit top and feel the difference!

  • In the house or out and about

    Sporty outfits are not just for sport. You can rock a sporty style around the house on a Sunday morning (there’s nothing better than a fleecy tracksuit on a lazy day!), or throw on a polo shirt and a tracksuit top when you need to run out to the shops. The comfort and loose fit make them great for walking (worn, of course, with our walking shoes), and they are durable enough for dedicated sports use too – our shorts, and tracksuit trousers will survive even the toughest track days or squash matches.

  • The perfect holiday wardrobe

    Don’t forget to take a good selection of sporty outfits with you on holiday, either! Sporty shorts are a great alternative to traditional beachwear, and polo shirts and casual trousers are wonderful all the way from the poolside to the bar. A tracksuit top is handy to keep around too, in case the wind starts to pick up or you need to protect yourself from intense sun. These outfits are all lightweight and ultra-casual, making them your best friend on long weekends or longer summer breaks.

  • Don't forget your feet

    Footwear is an important part of any sporty outfit. In summer, a pair of sandals or flip-flops can be effortlessly slipped on and off, and are great around the garden, by the pool, on the beach, or even around town. With a pair of shorts or trousers, they are exactly what you need. When winter comes, however, put them away and pull out your walking shoes. These will keep your feet warm and dry, no matter how cold and wet it is outside. Worn with a thick fleece jacket or bodywarmer, you’ll have yourself an excellent winter sports outfit, ready for anything!

  • Accessories are key

    In summer, the only accessory you’ll really need is a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. Once the temperature drops, however, make sure you’re fully stocked up on all our sporty winter accessories: these hats, scarves and gloves will keep you warm and comfortable when you’re out and about. Finally, don’t forget your bag – not many sporty trousers and shorts offer a lot of pocket space, so make sure you check out our fantastic selection of messenger, holster and bumbags.

  • The ideal way to get up and go, or relax and unwind

    Trust us, sporty outfits are no longer just for the gym and tennis court! They offer a beautiful mix of leisure and comfort and let you swap out formal or casual items for something that’s a lot easier to wear. Whether you pick up an outfit for home or for holiday wear, plus some of our great footwear and accessories, you’ll be thanking us later. So browse our range and pick the right outfit for you at a price you’ll love.

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