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Men's Enduring Style Guide: Timeless Trends to Carry Into 2022

  • Seasons come and seasons go, but true style endures. Every man's wardrobe needs some degree of space to develop and transform in line with the latest trends, but there are some staple looks that will continue to remain in fashion year in year out. And it's these timeless pieces that you really ought to make the backbone of your personal clothing collection. They'll enable you to construct your wardrobe upon pillars of style that will not falter, keeping you from wardrobe ruin and preventing you from turning around one day and realising everything you own is outdated. Clothes that remain in men's fashion for the long-haul ultimately mean that you get more wear for your money too – a real plus for the budget-conscious shopper! And, if you've made the resolution that 2022 is the year that you shop more sustainably, buying into timeless trends is the perfect way to achieve that. So, read on and discover what key pieces we think will go untouched by the sands of time.

  • The very best in versatile menswear: the flannel shirt

    The flannel shirt is an absolute rock when it comes to men’s style – it will never not look good! What makes this item such a cherished part of every guy’s closet is its uncontested versatility. Easy to dress up or dress down and appropriate for both work and play, this smart casual classic can be worn for almost any occasion. Better still, it can be styled in multiple different ways. While it can be buttoned up, tucked in (or left out), and worn as a regular shirt, the flannel model is capable of adopting alternative aesthetics. Layer it up, buttoned over a basic t-shirt, men’s vest or turtleneck jumper, or leave it completely undone and style it as a jacket. Some thicker flannel shirts are even designed from the get-go to be worn as an overshirt. Alternatively, use your shirt as a mid-layer beneath a jumper or sweatshirt, exposing the collar still for a subtle touch of class.

    The flannel shirt can be styled to suit every season (only becoming redundant during the few and far between days of a UK summer heatwave) and can be paired with practically any type of trouser. If the timelessness of the plain flannel shirt isn't quite enough to satisfy you, then perhaps the traditional checked or tartan design is! Trust us, the flannel shirt is an age-old favourite that's here to stay, for 2022 and far beyond. So, if you haven't yet invested in a few, now is a good time to do so.

  • What makes a man stylish? Good jeans and classic cord trousers of course

    It's probably no surprise that a decent pair of men’s jeans will keep you well dressed for years to come. While fashion fluctuates when it comes to denim, regular cut and straight leg trouser models are a solid and standard bet, towing the line no matter what the latest trend and playing things right down the middle between slim and wide fit. If you're hoping to wear the same jeans day in day out for a while to come, this classic model is the one to opt for. Incidentally, it's also the most flattering cut, appropriate for all body shapes. Dark blue jeans are a classic, while black pairs are a basic that will never grow old. Although washed out grey and paler blue denim will add an edge to your men's outfits today, these slightly more daring tones are at risk of falling out of style as the hands of time pass beyond tomorrow.

    Men’s corduroys are another item that will stand the test of time – again, colour dependent. (Side note: neutrals will never go out of style so, for longevity, select items in black, navy, grey and beige). These trousers have re-emerged into the spotlight more recently, and are set to stay center stage for a while yet. Simultaneously a grandad classic and a youthful urban favourite, their appeal is widespread. And even if they were to go off the style scene for a little while (beyond 2022 of course), it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll see another heyday shortly thereafter.

  • Dress to impress: complete outfits for men with a winter coat or jacket that will forever be in fashion

    A quality jacket that you can bring out year upon year when the temperature drops will always be a great investment. Not least because your outer-layer is the first item to meet people's eyes! It's also the thing in your wardrobe that probably receives the most wear, as it will comprise the majority of your autumn-winter (even early spring) outfits. For greatest style and value, choose a chic faux-suede jacket or a technical parka. The former – the king of class – will never lose its appeal. Ultra-practical, the latter represents an item that will become your go-to for years to come, as warmth always wins in the end. Plus, for 2022, utility style is very much in.

  • Different styles, equally timeless: what are the men's clothing fashion trends to live by?

    So, there you have it – a few everyday wardrobe essentials that will continue to go down in history. But, while the above items are incredibly key, it's also important to consider men's clothing style in its totality, for a truly timeless look. Dressing sharp doesn't become dated, so let 2022 be the year you keep things smart (at least from time to time) in a crisp shirt. On the other end of the spectrum, sporty, athletic style will also always be fashionable, so make room for t-shirts and tracksuits in your wardrobe. And of course, style always comes down to the fine details too. In other words, accessories are an ageless addition to any men's outfit. A fine baseball cap, a suave pair of sunglasses and a sophisticated watch are a long-term investment, and a subtle fashion trend to follow to the end of time.

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