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0,00 Valentine's Day Date Ideas 2021: What are Good Things to Do to Celebrate the Event?


Valentine's Day Date Ideas 2021: What are Good Things to Do to Celebrate the Event?

  • Whether you've been married 40 years, have just met your new flame or are happily single this Valentine’s Day, it's the perfect occasion to celebrate the love you hold for that special someone in your life – even if it’s just yourself! Valentine's Day often requires some special planning but, given the restrictions all of us in the UK are facing in 2021, this year's celebration of love and romance demands even more creative, out-the-box thinking. Of course, gifts have an important role to play on V-Day, but nothing beats a planned activity as a way of displaying the depth of your affection for your beloved, or as a means of boosting your mood during this sometimes less-than-easy holiday. Fortunately, this year the 14th February falls on a Sunday, meaning that (at least for the vast majority) demonstrating your love for your other half, new romantic interest or even yourself doesn't need to be planned around work and squeezed into a few short hours. You've got the entire day to create new memories with your loved one and reminisce on the romantic journey that has led you to the present moment, or to kick back and indulge in some self-care! Since that's the case, we thought we'd put together a brief list of date ideas to help you properly celebrate the occasion, despite the trickier circumstances, and enjoy Valentine's to the max – whatever your situation.

  • How to celebrate Valentine's Day: why not start with a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed?

    It's not every year that Saint Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, so make the most of the opportunity for a slow start to the day! Stay snuggled under the covers dressed in your finest pyjamas and enjoy a romantic breakfast or chilled-out, late-morning brunch in bed. Let that first cuppa of the day set the tone for a love-struck (even if it’s self-love!) end to the weekend and your best Valentine's yet. If you want to go all out, then think chocolate pancakes, waffles dusted in icing sugar and served with berries, or poached egg on toast. If you’ve got a partner that you’re wanting to impress, bring everything into the room on a tray with a single flower balanced alongside your culinary endeavours! But this breakfast bonanza can equally be enjoyed in your own company, or via video call with your nearest and dearest who you perhaps can’t be with in person.

  • Put romance on the menu: what can be more charming than dressing up for a stay-at-home, fancy dinner date with your boyfriend, girlfriend or life-long soul mate?

    Perfect for the slightly less organised individual, a fine-dining experience at home requires no reservations! Although, thinking up an exciting menu and getting hold of the necessary ingredients still needs a bit of forethought. But, even the simplest of lunches or dinners can be transformed into a romantic affair with the right add-ons – so here's some suggestions. Transform your dining room into a fancy restaurant with candles and flowers and delicate tableware, and dress to impress in a dashing shirt. If that's all a bit too glamorous to suit yours and your partner's personalities though, perhaps a relaxed indoors picnic will be more up your street? Set up a blanket on the floor and lay out your favourite finger foods. Alternatively, you could thematize your dinner date, recalling a romantic highlight from long ago (perhaps an anniversary, your engagement or a favourite weekend away) or reinventing the date that you would have organised if restrictions weren't in place; just because you cannot travel or head to certain locations doesn't mean you can't bring those special places to you... If you're looking to span your romantic meal into an activity that takes up much of the day, you could even settle upon cooking together. After all, it's a widely held belief that food is the way to many people's hearts! If you've got time to spare, why not follow an extravagant recipe from your best cookbook or tune into a virtual cooking class? These latter two activities can be undertaken by all, regardless of your relationship status! There’s nothing more feel-good than whipping up a masterpiece and tucking into some great dishes.

  • A last minute, fail-proof date idea: explore the surrounding UK landscape

    If you're looking for daytime date ideas, then look no further. Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than a taking a stroll among nature with your other half. Don’t be fooled though, for those who find themselves in their own company this Valentine's, this is the perfect day date to have with yourself too! Heading outdoors quite literally brings about a breath of fresh air. Dependent on what's on your doorstep, head to the local woods, the beachfront, a nearby park or field, a river bank, or a place with a viewpoint if you're walled in by a concrete city. Even if it's wet and windy, don't let the weather deter you – every good romcom has a heartfelt scene in the rain and there will always be somewhere to seek refuge! Throw on a thickly insulated, water-repellent coat and nothing can stop you. To make the walk extra-special (and to doubly ensure you stay warm) why not pack a flask filled with hot chocolate and bring along whipped cream and marshmallows. Sometimes the simplest displays of affection or most basic personal treats end up creating the most memorable moments.

  • Kick back and relax

    For many, Valentine’s Day can bring about its challenges. If you’re wanting to lie low, then put your slippers on and your feet up, and cosy up next to the fire. Relax with your favourite series or book or, if you’re in need of an alternative distraction, opt for a craft or pamper activity. Of course, all these things can be enjoyed alone or shared with another – a pet, a friend or your husband or wife of many years. After all, true love goes beyond the extravagance, and sometimes sitting in comfortable silence can be the greatest indicator of wholesomeness or perfect companionship! You could even use this sleepy Sunday afternoon to browse online and treat yourself or someone you appreciate (not necessarily romantically!) to a present they’ll love – here’s a few Valentine's gift ideas if you’re seeking inspiration.

  • Bring the day to a close with a cute, and undeniably romantic starlit experience

    Sometimes it's worth saving the best to last. So, after you've exchanged gifts and gone about any daytime activities, why not add some glitz and end the day in true romantic style beneath the stars. If you're after a Valentine's Day date idea that will bring this annual holiday to an unforgettable close, then this is just the thing. If you're the outdoors type, how about setting up a tent and a small fire and camping out in your back garden? While hotels and overnight trips are off the cards this year, this alternative could still leave you feeling transported to a different place, and you're sure to gain full marks for effort! If camping is not your style though, we suggest sitting on your balcony or front step or even at an open window, snuggled under blankets with a drink in hand. If you've been indoors all day, a late-night moonlit walk is another option. Stargazing on your own is the perfect way to reset your mood or, performed beside that special someone, is a great way to stir up those head-over-heels emotions! And, if a cloudy sky unfortunately dampens your plans, a cosy movie night in your comfiest loungewear with an assortment of sweet treats is the perfect backup option (single or taken!).

  • Gift a memorable day!

    Beyond all the presents, Valentine's Day is all about showing someone you care – regardless of who that person is! While romance most definitely needn't be reserved to just one day a year, this holiday is the perfect occasion to make those special gestures. So, we hope our Valentine's date ideas will leave you feeling inspired and help you craft a day to remember!

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