Different Types of Camping Holidays: What Kind of Camper are You?

The perfect opportunity to disconnect, take a step back and relax this summer... camping is the ideal way to escape your busy day-to-day reality and slow down to enjoy life! Luckily, there are hundreds of camping locations and campsites in the UK to pick from, so it’s easy to find a tranquil spot to get back to basics. Traditionally known for being an affordable holiday option, in recent years, with a rise in staycations, camping has transitioned far beyond its budget-friendly beginnings, and has become a hugely popular getaway choice for people of all ages. And the options are endless: from high-end luxury to rough and ready, there really is something to suit everyone! Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy digital detox with the family, a quiet wild camping experience, or an effortless glamping adventure, we’ve put together a guide to ensure that your next camping trip is one to remember! So, even if tents and sleeping bags haven't quite been your cup of tea to date, it's time to give this holidaying activity a second chance. Discover what type of camper you are and plan a trip to enjoy the last of the summer rays! Read on, and you'll be packing your bag in no time!

Wild camping: from the beach to the forest – total freedom and undisturbed tranquility!

Have you ever hired or invested in a campervan before? Are you one of those people that gets a kick from exploring brand new horizons and uncovering untrodden paths, or does the idea of pitching up a tent in the middle of nowhere, without a soul in sight, appeal to you? If so, then wild camping is for you!

But it's worth pointing out from the get-go that, even if allowed, this type of camping is usually subject to certain restrictions dependent on the place you're headed. So, the important thing is to do your research and to respect the rules! For example, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland wild camping is generally illegal, except for a select few locations. However, you can of course ask landowners if they'll grant you permission to stay on their turf – which many are often willing to do! For that very reason, if you're keen to embrace wild camping and enjoy idyllic sites hassle-free, we instead recommend venturing to Scotland. Thanks to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, there is a lot more flexibility here about where you rock up with a tent. Wherever you set off, favour a discreet set up, keep your belongings tucked up inside your tent or campervan, and do your bit for nature by making sure you come and go without a trace. Luckily, Scotland's natural landscape is stunning, meaning beach views, expansive lochs, wooded areas and rugged green open spaces can all be enjoyed as you adopt a nomadic lifestyle for a few days. Just make sure to pack plenty of layers, even in summer, given cooler Northern temperatures – think jumpers and thick socks to keep you warm!


Traditional camping: pitch up a tent and enjoy inexpensive, quality time with your nearest and dearest

Are you an extrovert who loves to socialise and build meaningful relationships with people? Do you prefer chilled out, fuss-free, authentic moments to fancy events? Are you keen to stick to a budget and more than happy to forgo indulgence? If the answer's yes, then traditional camping is sure to be a hit with you!

In its most pure and basic form, camping allows you to get back to your roots and totally switch off from everyday life. If you feel it's been all go recently, what could be better than enjoying an alfresco campfire dinner and sleeping beneath the stars? Before you head off, here's a few top tips... Firstly, when it comes to standard camping, giving a little bit of forethought to where you're headed is still very important. Not least because it'll allow you to consider what facilities and equipment are available at the campsite, meaning deciphering what to pack for your trip will be made far easier! If there's a pool listed among the facilities, you'll know to bring your swimwear. And, if there's a shop on-site for example, then you can skip the snacks and find extra space in your bag for other essentials, like a cosy fleece, a set of walking shoes, or even a pair of binoculars. Secondly, even though you're the kind of person that's happy to go with the flow, we recommend that you still book into the UK campsite of your choice as far in advance as possible – you don't want to turn up without a reservation and find your top pick of campsite is completely full! This little bit of preparation will also mean you can secure a good spot, rather than being limited on choice or finding yourself hemmed in by tents on all sides. That being said, as summer starts to wind down, a spontaneous last minute getaway is better than no getaway at all. Thirdly, while pitching up a tent is the standard way to enjoy the camping lifestyle, if you've got the money why not take things up a notch and enjoy a camping holiday in a mobile home or caravan? Spending that little bit extra buys you the best of both worlds – for a moderate cost, you'll still get the convivial, outdoors camping experience (all the while knowing you've got shelter from the weather should you need it) but you can also escape the need to use shared facilities like toilets and sinks for washing up… Bonus!

Glamping: from pods to luxury cabins – adventure, relaxation and an out-of-this-world modern camping experience

Are you the type of person that appreciates the finer things in life? Do you like to set the bar high? And does your idea of a proper holiday involve a bit of R&R, a couple of treats and a touch of luxury? If this is you to a tee, then you’re sure to love glamping in all its glory.
Forget the traditional tent or caravan – if you're not particularly cut-out for basic camping and don't particularly enjoy roughing it, then all is not lost. There is still one kind of camping that you may very much enjoy... From a wooden cabin perched in the tree tops, to a floating chalet, a luxury lodge atop a cliff or a geo-dome surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see, there is some incredible ‘glamping’ accommodation to choose from, scattered across the four nations. Built upon the promise of an extraordinary adventure that's still relatively close to home, there's now a huge host of unique 4-star and 5-star glamping sites that offer a real treat to tourists and staycationers. The only downside is that – as to be expected – if you want to prosper from an atypical getaway that lets you experience nature like never before, you have to be willing to accept the associated price tag. Of course, higher costs are justified by the elevated comfort – think breathtaking views, a hot tub and bubbly (don’t forget your swimwear), ready-made beds, breakfast included, and maybe even other little extras here and there. If this type of camping tickles your fancy, then our only advice is to research accommodation widely to discover the real cream of the crop, before making a reservation. Your dream location awaits...

Camping breaks to suit your style!

There you have it – a comprehensive run-down on the different camping experiences on offer... And, you don't need to choose just one type either! Why not give all options a go and discover first-hand what kind of camper you really are! After all, there are countless campsites in the UK, each with a unique special something, so it's definitely worth exploring what's out there. And, if you're entirely new to this type of activity, why not check out our beginner's guide to camping to get fully clued up before setting off. Make the most of those last weeks of summer and embrace the camping lifestyle. You never know, it could be an adventure of a lifetime!

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