Why Practice an Activity as a Couple?

Everyone knows the benefits of getting involved in some sort of activity: alleviating stress, escaping from everyday life, appreciating a little you time, learning a new skill, using a different part of your brain... And what if, without compromising on any of these positives, you considered performing an activity as a couple? Whether that means getting plugged into something with your other half, a good friend, or a member of your family, there are many advantages to undertaking an activity as a pair. Read on to discover all the perks of stepping out as a duo, as well as ideas for activities where two is better than one in terms of participants…
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Couple adventuring together

The benefits of doing an activity together: guaranteed bonding, and a chance to try something new!

There really is no end of benefits to pursuing a project or pastime alongside someone special. First off, let's face it, it's not always easy to motivate yourself to take part in an activity. So, if you've got a sidekick, you'll have double the motivation to get going, as long as both participants pledge to encourage and help each other from the outset! Sometimes it’s not even a question of motivation, but rather of confidence. Picking up a new hobby or undertaking an activity alone can, quite understandably, feel daunting for some people, so having a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on if the going gets tough may make the challenge seem all the more manageable. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved!
Undertaking an activity alongside someone you value may not only bring added motivation, security and enjoyment, but also the benefit of a strengthened relationship. Sharing an activity can have many a positive relational impact, such as improved communication, greater trust and increased intimacy. The quality time spent together via a shared activity is another plus. With most types of activity being focused on the present moment, you’ll not only get the chance to while away precious time at your partner’s side, but you’ll benefit from their (almost) full attention, free from all distractions beyond the activity at hand. It’s for this reason that, when carried out as a couple, shared activities can build particularly strong bonds. On top of this, performing something together can create happy lasting memories that can be recalled for weeks, months and years to come. And a shared history is very rewarding in a relationship!

What’s more, embarking on an activity alongside a loved one can offer you a clear objective to work towards together, creating a real sense of commonality. And the beauty of a shared goal is that it promotes teamwork. And, as the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! Picking up a new hobby as one will not just let you both discover new passions and personal skillsets, but it’ll give you the opportunity to develop a shared interest. This could be as simple as a newfound love for walking, or as technical as a brand-new fascination with climbing. If you’re going to get hooked on something, you may as well get hooked together!

Setting out as a pair may also help you develop skills faster and better, either as a result of increased encouragement – thanks to having your own personal cheerleader – or due to a healthy sense of competition, or even because you may benefit from an enhanced sense of safety. As a prime example, some more extreme sports or complex activities such as trout fishing are supposedly only mastered with the help of a 'mentor'. Having a helpmate facilitates progress!

Finally, as funny as it may sound, the personal development of people who practice an activity as a pair may be more accentuated. Increased self-confidence, patience and perseverance, are more easily acquired when practitioners are not alone. This may well be because the sense of security you get from having a trusted person nearby makes stepping out of your comfort zone a whole lot easier. A partner’s gaze can also be extremely constructive, offering a source of reassurance and motivation, and giving you someone to impress and be accountable to!

As well as all these benefits, doing an activity together can reduce stress (even the stress potentially linked to the activity in question), ground you, and give you a social fix that goes far deeper than your everyday encounter.

What activities can couples do together to bring them closer?

First and foremost, it's important to choose an activity that both participants will enjoy, remembering that the aim is to have fun together. Both parties need to be invested in order for each of you to reap the maximum reward from all your efforts! The choice of activity depends of course on your personal interests, as well as your physical capabilities and the amount of time you can each dedicate. These things considered, you're pretty free to get involved in any kind of activity you like, whether that's a couple's sport that naturally necessitates a partner, or a solo activity that your other half (or friend, or family member) can perform alongside you alone. If you're short on ideas, read on for a non-exhaustive list of fun things to do as a couple!
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What fun things you can do together with your boyfriend, girlfriend or romantic partner

Cooking together:

Choosing a recipe, deciding on a 3-course meal, or even planning the entire week’s food menu involves many tasks requiring collaboration between partners, starting with defining shared tastes. This type of couple’s activity is a great way to discover new culinary cultures, unknown to both participants, or simply to share each other's family culinary traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Cooking together can also be a great way of perfecting and developing new skills in the kitchen, providing you with an opportunity to expand your repertoire by rustling up exciting and more challenging dishes. In addition to all this, simply spending time in the kitchen together will work wonders for your relationship.

Once your cooking session is complete, sitting down at the table together for a dinner date makes for yet another great joint activity. Lay the table, light a candle, serve up the delicious meal you've whipped up together, and let sparks fly! Alternatively, head off for a homemade picnic, and enjoy tucking into finger food and baked goods as you dine alfresco, cosied up on a big blanket. Ultimately, we all know that for many people food is the way to their heart... So, any couple activities that centre around eating well – such as making the joint decision to throw a dinner party together – are worth indulging in!

Take a class together:

Anything from a dance, art, or cooking class to Pilates and archery... the choice of activities and leisure time lessons that you can sign up to is endless! Pretty much everything is a possibility. The benefit of following a lesson is that it will provide you and your partner with a structured framework to follow, and it’ll give you the possibility to mingle with other people too. Who knows, new social circles could even lead to increased double date opportunities! The added value of being guided by a teacher is that both participants are exposed to the same source of motivation, but their progress is dictated by their individual achievements. This is ideal as, generally speaking, neither party holds the other half of the duo back. Above all, committing to a series of lessons gives you a fun thing to frequently look forward to and – no matter how busy your week – lets you carve our quality time with a loved one, via a pre-planned, regular day date or date night.  

Walking or cycling outdoors:

The main perk of walking or cycling together is that these couple activities enable you to spend time immersed in nature, exposed to fresh air, side by side with the one you love. Because these two forms of exercise are fairly gentle and straightforward, they help erase any difference in fitness level, mobility, or age that can potentially hinder a duo from working out together. These physical activities are therefore great for couples, but ideal for family members too. And what’s more, it’s pretty easy to find a common rhythm when undertaking these two sports, especially with the addition of electric bikes or tandems that are perfect for sporty outings as a duo. As well as helping you get your hearts pumping and permitting you to walk in step with one another, the added benefit of these activities is that they may enable you to discover a new destination together, at a relatively relaxed pace! They're a fun thing to do, and they open you up to enjoying many scenic sights. Plus, for even more quality time spent together, you could wangle a little coffee shop visit or pub stop-off into your excursion, no matter whether it's a short stroll, long hike, or relaxed bike ride.

DIY or garden together:

The main advantage to gardening or knuckling down to some DIY tasks as a pair is that you're able to get the job done better and faster. You'll really appreciate your partner's assistance and, at the end of the day, you'll both be able to marvel at what you've achieved together. Oftentimes these sorts of activities feel as if they'll occupy a whole day, which sometimes makes them a bit off putting. Thankfully though, by pairing up, you'll be able to double down and finish the project in half the time, while having fun in the process. What makes these two activities particularly special to perform together is that they don't require any false pretenses. They offer a rare, totally authentic moment, in which everything is stripped back and laid bare. Chuck on an old shirt and jeans, pull on a cap for sun protection if you're outside, get your hands dirty, and have a conversation (while you work of course) that's free from the constraints of every day status quo conventions. And if you're looking for a few DIY ideas, why not learn how to make a compost bin or how to build your very own herb planter?

Camping in the great outdoors: 

The best part about camping is that it requires you to choose a destination – the seaside, the countryside, the forest – and settling upon where to go can improve your decision-making skills as a couple. For ultimate fulfilment, why not draw up a bucket list of places you both wish to experience a date night or memorable moment under the stars? Half the fun is in the planning, and it'll give you a few jet-setting goals to tick off the list together, over months or years.

The next best part about camping is that, generally speaking, you have to travel first in order to get to your selected stopping place, whether by train or car, or by biking or hiking... Even though this may sometimes take a whole day, there's nothing like a road trip to stir up an adventurous spirit and getting from A to B will give you and your travel buddy hours of downtime together.

The other best part of this activity is setting up camp. This requires real collaboration – from pitching your tent to concocting a meal. Let's face it, camping solo just isn't quite the same... If you're both new to this type of activity, why not check out our beginners guide to camping to help you on your way? Alternatively get to know what type of camper you are with our camping insights, so you can book a trip that'll suits your tastes.

Making a weekend getaway accessible to all, even those on a tight budget, camping is both a great way to be at one with nature and a great chance to disconnect from the day-to-day and tune into your partner. Of course, if you've got the means, as well as experimenting with camping why not treat yourself to a little luxe too and set off on one of our recommended romantic UK getaways?
Couple on a roadtrip
Couple Outdoors

Partner up and get going!

So, there you have it – a long list of reasons why performing an activity as a couple is so beneficial. Whether it's for an entire weekend, a whole day, an afternoon or just a stolen hour, undertaking one of the above tasks in the company of someone you value can be transformative for both your relationship and your personal wellbeing. And, with these fuss-free activities there's no need to make elaborate plans or organise a big date night either – build romance and activity-derived affection into your everyday routine instead!

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