Best UK Walks: Enjoy the Best of the UK's Landscapes, Step by Step

The UK is blessed with some of the most stunning landscapes, countryside and walking trails in Europe, all of which offer hikers the perfect escape from the city and a chance to take a deep breath of fresh air. Here, we’ve selected four of the best - with one from each of the home nations - plus a few top tips to get you ready and prepared for your walk. Time to lace up and get walking!

Preparing for your walk

While these may not be trails that require a tent, rations and professional gear, a small amount of preparation will really help you make the most of these walks. Make sure that you’re fit enough to handle rough paths and steep inclines by adding a few hills to your evening walk, and maybe start walking through your local woods or countryside. It’s always a good idea to take water with you, and some high-energy snacks to keep you going (think nuts and energy bars). Lastly, your clothes are important: wear sturdy walking boots, trousers and a jacket with enough pockets for everything you need. You want to keep your hands free – especially if you’re using walking poles.

Prawle Point (Devon – 4.8km/1.5 hours)

This walk starts off just by Salcombe, along the 500-mile South West coastal path, and will take you up steep slopes and harrowing cliff-top trails. It’s full of beautiful coastal and inland landscapes, and you’ll walk past ancient stones, old iron mines and a former World War II radar station. Make sure you keep an ear out for the distinctive “churring” call of the elusive nightjar too. If you’re spending more time nearby, the Coastal Path is an excellent trail with many sections that can be approached individually, or in larger chunks.

The Tobermory Circuit (Isle of Mull, Scotland – 3.5 miles/2 hours)

Onwards to Scotland and the Isle of Mull. This trail begins and ends in the beautiful multi-coloured town of Tobermory, and you’ll start at the harbour before climbing uphill and seeing the town in all its glory. Walking this trail will take you past a number of local landmarks, including two waterfalls and Loch a’Ghurrabain, plus plenty of places to stop and enjoy a picnic and a break. Bear in mind that this trail can be a little steep and the Scottish weather can change quickly, so wear a pair of rugged walking boots and a good water-repellent jacket. And of course, you can always warm up at the end of it with a drink and a rest in one of the local pubs.

The Stackpole Circular (Pembrokeshire, Wales – 6 miles/3.5 hours)

This Welsh walk is the perfect way to experience the stunning views on Wales’ southern coast. Winding up and down mammoth cliffs and around the beautiful Bosherton Lake, you’ll see nature in all its glory – go in summer and you’ll see a whole host of birds and butterflies flitting around the lily pads. The stars of the show are along the coast, however, with the splendid Lattice Windows (natural stone arches) and the stunning Broadhaven Bay beach. Take the time to fully enjoy all of the scenery and coastal beauty while you’re down here – you won’t regret it.

The Divis Ridge Trail (Northern Ireland – 4.2 miles/2.5 hours)

The Divis Ridge Trail is a fantastic way to see the beauty of Northern Ireland, providing great views of the city of Belfast from the summit of the Black Mountain. From here, you can see the city, the sea and even (allegedly) Scotland! The path will then take you all the way back down, past Long Barn and over the Collin River before you loop back to your starting point. It can be cold and windy here though, so prepare well.

Choose your trail and let’s go!

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