Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Him: Adventure Enthusiast Edition

Christmas is fast on the approach, and while all the lights and decorations will soon be up to get you in the festive spirit, your mind has probably already started to turn towards all those presents you need to buy... Luckily, we're here to lend a helping hand, by guiding and inspiring you towards making good gift choices for the special man in your life, whether it be a partner, family member or close friend. Since, here at Atlas For Men, we're keen believers that anyone and everyone is 'made for adventure', we thought we'd take the time to draw up a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. So, if you're buying for a guy that enjoys embracing the elements and embarking on an adventure, read on to discover what gift-wrapped goods you should be placing under the tree in 2024...

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Gift giving doesn't have to be difficult! In fact, it can really be quite simple when you break it down and think about a few important things. What you decide to buy should take into account who the recipient is as a person, what their taste is, what they like, and what they enjoy doing. On top of that, consider if there is anything they've requested, or anything they are lacking. After all, the most thoughtful Christmas presents are those that are tailored to the individual! Like everyone, guys like gifts that make them feel seen, known, loved and listened to! So, if you know the man you're buying for is an avid adventurer, it's safe to assume that giving him gear that will assist his explorations is sure to put a smile on his face. Therefore, we suggest considering what equipment he's missing that can plug a practical gap, reflecting on what adventure accessories he already possesses that need rejuvenating, or mulling over what he might require to get prepped for a future expedition. With that in mind, stay tuned for our top 10 gifts for a guy that loves to encounter new horizons.

1. Top notch outerwear – the best present for men that love the outdoors

If he thrives on adventure and is passionate about exploring the great outdoors, then an ultra-insulating, quality parka or heavy-duty puffer jacket is the ultimate Xmas present pick! A brand-new outer layer that will keep him warm and dry is sure to accompany him on any and every adventure, enabling him to persevere in even the coldest climes and brave the outside world for hours on end. Trust us, by treating him to technical outerwear, you'll be granting him the ability to conquer new heights and visit places previously unseen!

2. A quality fleece – the perfect present for every season

Just like an optimal outer-layer, a decent mid-layer is vital for every venture! So, gift warmth and softness this Christmas, in the form of a fleece. Whether you go for a fleece jacket or fleece jumper, or even a finer microfleece design, this wardrobe essential is sure to satisfy the lucky recipient. Not only will it provide unrivalled insulation underneath a thicker layer in winter, but it can double up as a go-to top layer in spring and summer, making it a gift that keeps on giving year-round.

3. A practical backpack – a favourite for every man

No matter whether it's an adventure into town, along the coast or up a mountain, a backpack is necessary for storing every man's essentials, wherever he goes. This key piece of equipment can come in many shapes, styles and sizes. For shorter adventures, a standard, smaller rucksack should do the trick. But for weekend trips or even longer excursions, a 30 or even 40-litre backpack is a better bet. Choose from roll-up designs, backpacks from big brand names or even weather-resistant models.

4. A solid pair of walking boots – so he can step foot where he's never been before!

A pair of durable, non-slip walking boots is the perfect Christmas gift idea for guys that like to tread new trails or veer off the beaten track. The ultimate emblem of an adventurous lifestyle, they are a necessity for getting out there and getting active – so what could make a better present? Since supportive shoes that'll keep him going mile after mile, without compromising on comfort, are sure to be a hit, there's no need to hesitate. Get shopping now!

5. A set of walking poles – for men that like to hike

Granted, not every adventurer is hot on hiking, and getting from A to B doesn't always necessitate travelling on foot. That being said, for men that feel driven to seek out new summits, a set of walking poles is sure to go down a treat this festive season. While they're often more sought after for taking on inclines or tackling descents, walking poles can offer a significant amount of support on flatter terrains too. They are known for helping balance, improving posture and increasing speed. So, whether to keep him steady or to help him achieve a new personal best, treat your loved one to a set today!

6. A sleeping bag or tent – for camping enthusiasts

Through-and-through adventurers generally love to hit the hay surrounded by nature. They love camping and caravanning and feel most serene when sleeping under the stars. If this sounds like the man you're intending to buy for, then why not promise him sweet dreams by gifting him a sleeping bag. Alternatively, give him the gear to do what he does best – pitching up a tent! Equipment like this will no doubt facilitate some epic trips, resulting in memorable moments.

7. Winter accessories – the ideal budget-friendly stocking filler for every guy

Sometimes less is more! And, when you're strapped for cash, it's also worth remembering that it's the thought that counts. If you're looking for a token something, then why not settle upon a hat, scarf or pair of gloves – or all three if you're feeling extra generous. Small but mighty, these winter warmers offer essential protection for your extremities which, believe it or not, massively influences the longevity of your adventure. Plus, they make a great stocking filler and are likewise ideal for Secret Santa.

8. A travel mug or water bottle – on the go essentials

To explore to the best of his ability, your special man needs to stay hydrated! Help him remain on top of his game with a snazzy new water bottle, or treat him to a caffeine kick wherever he goes, with an insulating travel mug or thermal flask. With models in any and every colour, from sleek silver to energising red, you're guaranteed to find a design that will tickle his fancy.

9. A torch or head torch – to keep him safe

We all know that daytime adventures incur less risk, but occasionally we're caught off guard by the speed at which the sunsets, or sometimes nighttime gallivanting is simply unavoidable. Show your nearest and dearest just how much you care for his safety, by offering him a head torch or classic handheld torch. A practical gift like this is sure to light up his holiday season!

10. Waterproof gear – to combat the UK weather

Last but by no means least, waterproofs make a dream Christmas pressie for anyone with an adventurous spirit. We all know the British weather can be a little bit dreary and dismal, especially in the northern parts of the UK, but with the right rain gear your main man will be free to explore new peaks, valleys, forests and fields, unhampered by even the harshest of conditions. From waterproof trousers to water-repellent windbreakers, water-resistant clothing is sure to go down a storm this Christmas (pardon the pun...).

With our top 10 gift ideas, treat your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle or best mate to a smooth-sailing adventure...

And that's a wrap – our top ten specially selected presents for explorers! Hopefully our Christmas gift guide for adventure lovers has left you inspired. These ideas are sure to please beginners, amateurs or professionals alike, so take note and get browsing! Armed with the above, your lucky man will have all he needs to head into the new year, ready to embrace his next challenge hassle-free. And if you're wanting to put a sentimental spin on your gift of choice, perhaps you can contribute towards a future venture of his, plan a surprise trip of a lifetime for him, or simply promise to accompany him next time he sets off to see new sights. Whatever you settle upon, he won't be disappointed!

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