Things to Do on a Budget this Father’s Day: Our Top Ten Ideas for How to Make Father's Day 2024 the Best One Yet

Father's Day is just around the corner, falling on Sunday 16th June 2024! It's the perfect occasion to celebrate your dad, grandad, or any other type of father figure for that matter. But, showing him just how special he is needn't cost the earth. While a handmade card and a token gift are a nice idea (be sure to check out our Father's Day gift ideas if your budget allows), we all know that more than anything it's the thought that counts. And, as cliché as it may sound, time is the most precious gift you can give! That's why a shared experience or some form of activity carried out either as a whole family or one-on-one with your dad is the best way to show your old man some appreciation! Quality bonding time trumps everything. So, if your funds are short, fear not – we've got a whole list of fun activity ideas that require next to no money and that promise to make your favourite guy feel like one lucky man. Stay tuned for our top ten Father’s Day activities...

Head to the beach

On a sunny day when the weather's good, we all know how easy it is to entertain ourselves without making too much of a plan. Simply soaking up the rays puts everyone in good spirits. We also know how enticing the British coastline is when the temperature goes up a few degrees. So, if the skies are in your favour, a trip to the beach may be just the thing to make Father's Day 2024 one to remember. Pack sandals, towels, suncream and swimwear and set off to see the sea! Whilst there, treat your dad to an ice cream or fish and chips out the paper for a humble but happy seaside experience.

Set off on a hike for a special bonding experience this Father's Day

There's nothing like stepping into nature and exploring the great outdoors side by side with someone you love. Adventures, however big or small, always bring people closer together as result of the challenges they bring and the memories they lead to. So, come rain or shine, why not head on a hike with your special man this Father's Day? While you don't have to go far, for an extra special experience we suggest venturing somewhere you've never been before. Try choose a scenic location – anything from woodlands, or mountains, to hills or cliffs with sea or cityscape views – and step it out together. For a particularly memorable hike, gather your walking gear and head off at sunrise if you're both early birds, or aim to catch the sunset! Pretty skies coupled with great views, a rush of endorphins from all the exercise, and the company of the world's best dad are sure to make for a magical moment.
Man and child at beach
Dad and daughter hiking

Enjoy birdwatching

June is an ideal time of year for birdwatching, as it's the month when fluffy newly fledged birds first leave their nests and when summer visitors, like Spotted Flycatchers, have mostly all arrived in the UK. If your dad's a nature lover, why not get some binoculars at the ready and suggest an early morning Father's Day outing to enjoy some birdsong and spot some different species? For a particularly rich experience, head to coastal cliffs to enjoy a rare glimpse of seabirds on land, just before they take flight over the deep blue for the rest of the summer.

For Father's Day 2024, tackle a DIY task together!

If your dad is a DIY enthusiast, why not indulge him and offer to lend a helping hand with one of his projects. Whether it's something he's been meticulously constructing for months on end, or something he's not yet had the chance to get going with, building something together and having a common objective and shared sense of satisfaction when the job is done will bring you closer together, if only for the afternoon! As they say, teamwork makes the dream work – so only good things can come of a bit of hard graft together. Plus, in the process, you get to spend some quality time with each other, especially if midway through you stop for a break and a brew!
Child with binoculars
DIY tools

The ultimate outdoor activity: embark on a camping trip somewhere in the UK this Father’s Day weekend

For bonus points this Father's Day, why not take your dad on a short camping trip. Whether it's just for a night or for the entire weekend, camping is a great mini holiday activity that can be performed on a budget. So long as you've got a tent and a sleeping bag, you're pretty much good to go! Pick a picturesque spot, detach from the busy day-to-day, and get back to basics – spending a night beneath the stars in the middle of nowhere, with the man you think the world of!

Watch a home video or his favourite film!

Rather than feeling the pressure to head out somewhere and splash the cash, why not plan a chilled-out movie day (or movie night) at home. Let your dad have first pick and put on a film that he loves! Sit back and unwind in your PJs or loungewear, indulging in all his favourite sweet treats, and simply enjoy some downtime together. If you're keen to stick to the Father's Day theme, why not suggest a film that reflects your relationship or, better yet, dig out all your home videos from when you were a little child, so you can relive all your precious shared memories.

Spend the afternoon in the garden

The best things in life are free, meaning you don't have to spend a penny to do Father's Day well. Rather than faffing around and making big plans to go somewhere, why not actively decide to stay home and spend the afternoon celebrating in your back garden? Away from the hustle and bustle of other people out celebrating, you can enjoy undisturbed peace and quiet together, lapping up the sunshine on a sun lounger with a cuppa in hand. Sometimes just being in each other's company is enough! If, after a while, you want to get moving though, then why not tackle some light gardening together? If your dad's a real green thumb, then pruning some trees, potting some plants and partaking in what he loves seems like a perfect way to spend Father's Day 2024.

Go fishing this Father's Day

The summer months are arguably the best time to go fishing, meaning Father's Day falls just at the right time for putting to use your rod and reel. Because of its short bursts of activity followed by stretched out moments of waiting, fishing is perfect when performed with someone you love; there's plenty of time to chat in detail and to sit in comfortable silence, but enough going on to give you something to achieve together. So, if your dad's a keen fisher, don a hat and accompany him on his next quest for a catch.
Kid gardening
Father and son fishing

Jump in the car and head for a drive

If your dad loves travelling around, simply hopping in the car and going for a drive without a particular destination in mind is a simple Father's Day activity you could enjoy together. Whether you head down country roads or opt for a coastal route, nothing bonds people together more than a shared adventure. Put his favourite music on and have a sing-along as you drive, and then see where the wind takes you! You never know, en route a little country pub may call out to you for lunch, or you may come across the perfect spot to park the car and get exploring on foot. If you're extra prepared, you could pack a picnic basket with all his favourite nibbles, and then all you have to do is discover an idyllic location to stop off at. You don't strictly need a big day out! Sometimes having no agenda and no time constraints is the perfect way to live in the moment, allowing you to wholly enjoy the company of your co-pilot!

Give him an activity gift for Father’s Day so you can play a game together

Generally speaking, all men love sports and outdoor games. So, why not get physical this Father's Day and draft your dad into some sort of sporting activity? Hit the courts for a competitive tennis match, set up a goal in the garden for a friendly kick around, go to the local park for some frisbee fun, or seek out a sea breeze so you can fly a kite together. From table tennis to squash and badminton, there's no end of sporting activities you can undertake together. We've got a whole host of sports accessories and games to inspire you, that you could even give your special man as a Father's Day present! And if he's not the sporting type, how about spending the afternoon playing a game of snap or rummy with a deck of cards – you could even get the whole family in on the action!
Father and son playing tennis

What are some fun activity ideas for Father's Day 2024? You've now got 10 to choose from!

As we've made clear, fancy presents and big plans are not the only way to show your dad you care this Father's Day. So long as they come from the heart, small gifts and simple suggestions of activities that you can enjoy together are just as good, if not better! So, using our top ten ideas as a source of inspiration, plan something wholesome for Sunday 18th of June and take a day out to put a smile on the face of your top-notch father!

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