Best Father’s Day 2024 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching (16th June – save the date!) and you might well be wondering what to buy your dad this year. While most Dads say that there’s no need to buy them anything for Father’s Day, don’t fall into the trap and turn up empty handed! Show him just how much you appreciate him with the perfect present – something that reflects his personality and that he’ll actually use! Picking a unique gift for the father figure in your life can be tricky, so whether you’re shopping for your dad, grandad, step-dad or father-in-law, we’ve got you covered! Our selection of best Father’s Day gifts will work for any of the men in your life and there’s plenty of budget-friendly options that you’ll love too!

So, are you looking to spoil a sporty dad or a chilled-out, casual dad? Or is the special guy you're intent on showing affection to more of an adventure-loving kind of father figure, or even a super trendy dad? We've got all the keys to help you find the ideal gift. First off, assess the personality type that best suits the man you wish to celebrate, and then consider our handpicked suggestions of gifts that will put a smile on his face!

The Adventure Dad: Perfect presents for the man who loves exploring the great outdoors

If he's always off on a hike or loves a road trip, however long or short the distance, you can be pretty much certain that your dad is an adventurer at heart. If you need a little more convincing, consider whether he's the type of guy that has a curiosity for everything, thrives in green spaces, loves to discover nature's secret hiding places and enjoys travelling to new countries and unknown destinations. Perhaps as a child he taught you useful orienteering skills, took you on camping trips, or encouraged you to go off and have your very own adventures…

Well, to treat a beloved explorer, why not add to – or even refresh – his collection of expedition equipment? A brand new bag, whether a holster bag or backpack, could be the perfect gift to help your fun-loving father set off on a new adventure unhampered. Or, another option is to kit him out with new gear that’s tailor-made for the amateur explorer; solid and sturdy walking shoes, 2-in-1 convertible trousers, a super snug fleece from a big-name brand or every jet-setter’s favourite – an iconic and ever-practical safari jacket.

The Sporty Dad: What to give to the active, gym-lover to wish him an extra-special Happy Father’s Day

The sporty dad is the kind that jumps out of bed early at the weekend and (a little irritatingly for some) thinks having a lie in is a complete waste of time – lots of families can relate! Dynamic and full of energy, he is a keen sportsman that likes to take care of his physique and exercise on pretty much a daily basis. This is the man that has led you on walking and cycling trails since a young age, and that is always keen to try his hand at new activities. You often find him dressed head to toe in sports gear so this Father’s Day, if you want to avoid any risk of disappointment, it may well be a smart move to add to his athletic collection.

Perhaps a new pair of shorts, or even a twin-pack would be right up his street? There are so many different models out there – including swim shorts – ranging in different colours, cuts and fabrics. You could always complete the look with a set of vests or t-shirts, or even some brand new trainers. If he’s a keen cycler, perhaps a hi vis clothing item to keep him safe and sound will be well appreciated, or maybe a sports watch is just the thing to show how much you care... Time’s ticking though, so get shopping! For extra inspiration, see our complete selection of gift ideas for sporty dads.

The Casual Dad: what are good presents for your easy-going father?

If your dad is a laidback gentleman that enjoys his home comforts and loves to chill at the weekend, then he's none other than the casual dad. This much-loved fella likes to savour the moment and do things at his own relaxed pace. He’s probably best known in your family as the king of lazy Sunday afternoons, quite happy to sit back and relax with his feet up, indulging in a classic film or immersed in a good book. It’s the simple things in life that bring a smile to his face, so even if you’re on a budget this year, why not make him a cup of tea and surprise him with a pair of new comfy slippers so he can relax in style! It’s the perfect gift for the guy who likes to take things easy, and the ideal Father's Day gift solution that saves you from having to break the bank!
If you’ve got a bigger budget, splash out on something that goes with his relaxed lifestyle, such as some cargo trousers or a new loungewear set. Fleece joggers or snuggly pyjamas are bound to be a big hit! And for further inspiration, check out our cosy and comfortable collection of gift ideas for a casual dad.

The Trendy Dad: What is the best Father’s Day gift for the man with bucket loads of style?

If looking good is his top priority, you know you've got yourself a trendy dad! He can often be found out and about in town, or socialising with friends at his favourite local restaurant or pub. The trendy dad is always in the know about the latest films and cultural events, and he loves a day out doing the in-thing that everyone's been raving about. Sharp, suave and super-stylish, he's a well-dressed man who likes to look good and have fun!
So, spoil him to the max this coming Father’s Day with style staples to suit his taste; it’s a no-brainer that the best gifts for a fashion-conscious man involve clothing. A nice, crisp new shirt is a classic clothing gift that he’ll no doubt love to pieces. A chic white shirt or a timeless plain or subtly patterned model is probably the wisest pick. Very on-trend right now, a lightweight scarf is another idea that could bring an added touch of style to his wardrobe. Other accessories that he would no-doubt appreciate include a quality belt, a classic watch or, for the ultimate fashionista father, a stylish pocket watch. And in case you’re still unsure about quite what to pick, take a look at our full range of gift ideas for a trendy dad

The DIY Dad: Good gifts for the father that fixes everything

If he's always busy around the house, quite the handyman or loves fixer-upper tasks, you're lucky enough to have a DIY dad. Intent on seeing a project through from start to finish, your dear father has vision and drive to get the task completed. Weekends aren't for resting, they're for activities – painting, building, gardening and upcycling items to name but a few!
Aside from the obvious gadgets and DIY tools, if your dad fits this personality type then he's sure to love clothing that gears him up to get his job done. A checked flannel shirt is the perfect look for any guy wielding a paint brush or screwdriver, and a baseball cap is also great if his tasks take him outside.

From dads, to grandads to men you respect: show your loved ones just how special they are

So, there you have it, with our detailed shopping advice and inspiring gift suggestions, there's no reason you won't be able to give your dad or any other special man a present he loves this coming Father’s Day. And what says 'I love you' more than a gift that matches your dad's personality type to a tee. But don't forget, while we all want to impress with our presents, at the end of the day it's the thought that counts. That being said, if you're in need of some extra inspiration, you can find all our gift ideas right here.

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