What Clothes to Wear for Outdoor Exercise: Best Men's Sports Clothes

Winter weather may have you wanting to hibernate indoors, but don't let the cold chill and early dark nights prevent you from getting your fitness fix! Perhaps motivating yourself to exercise comes naturally to you, or perhaps you're someone who finds it a little harder to seek that spark of sporting inspiration. Regardless, we guarantee that switching up your surroundings and heading outside to practice some form of physical activity will have you feeling healthier and happier! A daily dose of fresh air leaves you refreshed, relaxed and more energised to take on your day… Only question is, what to wear? Putting on gym clothes that you like can be a great motivator, so a new stylish sportswear outfit may be just the thing to help you out the door...

Keys to choosing your men's active workout and running clothing

Whether you're into running, walking, cycling or even a more niche outdoors activity, choosing decent fitness gear will make the world of difference to your workout. Stylish, well-tailored and fit-for-purpose activewear will leave you feeling confident and comfortable – a powerful combo that will provide the ammunition you need to break your personal bests! To make things straightforward, here are a few words of wisdom to keep in mind when shopping for men’s sportswear.

Fitness clothing fabric and cut – from standard to plus size

It goes without saying that you need sports clothes that are breathable and sweat absorbent. Clothing made of quality cotton, quick-dry microfibre polyester, or moisture-wicking materials is the best pick when it comes to strenuous activity. On top of this, choose lightweight garments; heavy fabrics are a no go that’ll have you overheating before you know it!

Make sure you also choose athletic clothing that accommodates for your shape. Trust us, choosing workout clothes that are overly tight is a recipe for disaster. Ones that are too baggy will likewise pose an obstacle. Ideally you want to opt for activewear that holds close to your skin without causing compression – this will provide maximum comfort and make you as aerodynamic as possible! Finding sportswear that corresponds to your frame is equally important and, given the recent surge in fitness trends, more items are fast becoming available for all body types. We cater for a wide range of sizes and even have a dedicated plus size men’s collection!

Activewear aesthetics: colours

Your sports kit is the perfect excuse to douse your wardrobe with extra colour. Men's activewear comes in every shade on the spectrum, and some say the brighter the better. Eye-catching colours will not only keep you looking sharp, but they'll render you more visible to passing traffic and may even get you feeling more energised and pumped for your workout. But if you're susceptible to getting flushed in the face when put through your paces, the one colour to be wary of is red!

If you prefer to slip under the radar when exercising, dark, neutral tones should be your go-to! The beauty of these colours is that they pair with anything and everything, making them a more practical choice. They helpfully conceal sweat and dirt, and – good news for the body-conscious jogger – dark colours are known to be the most flattering. Whatever your personal preference, make sure to invest in items that complement one another to avoid any pre-workout hassle.

Ultimate utility: practical features

When setting off to burn some calories, you want to feel as free as can be. Anything that even slightly limits your movement or distracts you from giving 110% becomes a burden from the word go. Mobile phones and house keys thus signify a real inconvenience, which is why clothing that has an ideal compartment in which to place them is indispensable. When browsing for sports clothes, pay attention to the details! Items that have secure pockets will become your number one fitness buddy.

Other practical features to consider include the following:

Adjustable drawstring waists – these will allow your clothing to fit like a glove, preventing discomfort and the nuisance of hitching up your clothes from time to time.

Elasticated cuffs – from zip up tracksuit jackets, to microfleece jumpers, to any other long-sleeved item, elasticated cuffs (or tight fitting sleeves) will keep your gear well and truly in place, helping to streamline your shape, avoid irritation, and provide unwavering insulation.

Tracksuits, jackets, hoodies and more: fill your workout wardrobe with everything from casual sports clothing essentials to statement pieces from top sports brands!

Now you know the fundamentals to choosing the best sports clothes, you’ve simply got to narrow down what items will best cater to your needs. Whatever your chosen activity, you can't go wrong with some breathable t-shirts, vests and long sleeve tops in your activewear closet. One of each makes for a versatile sports clothing collection that will equip you for all types of weather. And nothing is to stop you layering up these items for extra insulation in frosty climes. Beyond that, every sportsman needs a pair of joggers and a tracksuit; these are imperative for practicing intensive sport safely – chuck them on over shorts and other sports gear during warm-ups and cool downs to minimise the risk of injury.
On top of that, for outdoor exercise you’ll never be at a loss if you have a water-repellent windbreaker – this is the best way to prevent UK weather raining on your workout parade. For slightly less cardio-intensive activity, such as walking or gentle cycling, a lightweight puffer jacket is undeniably the best activewear outer-layer!

Shop sportswear items for a priceless payback!

In resume, men's sportwear is where style and practicality intersect. It's always nice to have the odd branded item, but choosing your sports clothes needn't cost the earth. Although when it comes to exercise the saying no pain no gain rings true, comfortable sports clothing will forever be your greatest investment – especially if it results in years of good health!

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