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Whether it be your first date or your hundredth date, knowing what to wear on a romantic rendezvous can be a real struggle! Not only do you want to dress to impress, but you also need to match your outfit to the occasion, the venue and the weather! But before you start to get too overwhelmed, we're going to step in and offer you our top tips on what to wear for your next date! Vital information this Valentine’s Season… Whether you’ve got a winter date lined up in a cosy café, or you’re setting your hopes on a summer romance that will involve a trip to the beach in the months to come, we have just the look for you! So, read on to discover our favourite outfit ideas...

How should you dress for a romantic outing in winter? From casual outfits to classy evening looks, we have it all!

As if the pressure of looking good on Valentine’s Day wasn’t already enough, dressing for a date in winter can be complicated, as you may be worried that your favourite outfit will be hidden beneath your outerwear. However, your jacket or coat may just be the key to your outfit success! If you opt for anything too thin, such as a blazer, you’re not only going to risk feeling the chill which may leave you uncomfortable and therefore limit you from bringing your ‘A’ game, but your date may also question your seasonally-inappropriate outfit that emphasises you’ve perhaps tried a little too hard… Effortless style is essential, so it's important that you choose the right top layer from the get-go. That's where a smart, elegant faux-suede jacket comes in handy! Super-chic, it will not only elevate your look, but keep you nice and toasty, especially if you opt for one of our Sherpa-lined models! When you're out for a nice romantic stroll, you won't feel the cold at all, meaning you can focus all your attention on your (potentially prospective) partner!

At the end of your stroll, you may decide to stop for a drink, whether it be in a cute café or a cosy pub. It’s therefore important to put effort into the layers beneath your jacket too! For this type of occasion, we recommended opting for a smart-casual jumper. A knitted half zip would be our top choice, matched with your favourite jeans. Not too try-hard, this look promises simple sophistication, helping you feel good and filling you with confidence. And if you’re really looking to dazzle your date, why not add a shirt under your jumper, and switch out your jeans for a smart pair of chinos? When it comes to colour, it’s always safest to go for muted tones, especially on first dates when first impressions are everything. However, if you're someone who likes to show off their personality or you’re out with your long-term other half, you could always add a splash of colour to your look too! Red is a great wintery, romantic tone, and is sure to attract your partner's attention! Alternatively, no guy ever went wrong dressing in dark jeans, with a plain base layer and a buttoned-up or unbuttoned overshirt! The trick is to tow the line and go with a failproof outfit that you feel your best in.

What about spring and summer date attire? Whether a first date or an anniversary dinner, we've got all the top tips!

While Valentine’s Day may be your prime focus at present, should sparks fly come spring, or if you’re one of those couples that prioritises frequent date nights, planning your future lovestruck looks for the seasons to come is important. And choosing an outfit for a spring-summer date is a totally different kettle of fish! As the temperature rises, you'll want to hang away your coat and bring out a lighter jacket, such as a blazer or a denim jacket. And, when it gets really warm outside, you won't need a jacket at all – but bring one to drape around your date’s shoulders nonetheless! What we suggest wearing all depends on the occasion. If you're headed to a restaurant for a dinner date or to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary, you may want to pull out all the stops and wear a smart shirt, paired with some chino trousers. If it’s particularly warm, opt for a short sleeve shirt design, and don’t be afraid to go for a crepe or waffle cotton textured model for a little added allure. Since the key is in the small details, you'll also want to make sure to add a stylish watch and select the right footwear! We recommend leaving the trainers behind and turning things up a notch, reaching for a pair of loafers or boat shoes instead. Your date is sure to pick up on these small smart-chic touches, and appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

When it comes to more casual dates, such as an afternoon at the beach or a visit to your local botanical garden, a more relaxed look is ideal. Polo shirts and t-shirts are great choices, and are sure to keep you nice and composed, helping you avoid looking hot and flustered on your date! The tones you choose are super-important though; while you're settling for casual style, you still want to look as though you've put some thought into your outfit! We love matching light, breezy tones for a fresh, summery look. Why not choose a light blue t-shirt alongside some beige shorts, or a crisp white polo paired with your favourite denim shorts! Cool and clean-cut, this combo is guaranteed to match the occasion perfectly and help you make an excellent impression! And don’t forget your shades for real smooth-guy style – just remember to let your date fully take in your face without your sunglasses on as well though.

Looking for date ideas?

So, now that you’ve got the outfits down, you may be feeling more confident to ask the special person in your life out on a date. While dinner dates make for excellent evening affairs, we prefer reserving those for special occasions, or for your 2nd or 3rd date. Just make sure to choose a restaurant that serves food you both like! Italian is always a safe choice if you ask us… When it comes to first dates though, you may want to opt for a more casual outing to keep things relaxed and light-hearted! You could get to know one another over a nice hot drink in your local coffee shop, but for best results, why not embrace the outdoors and go for a stroll somewhere scenic? That way, far-removed from the hustle and bustle, you can focus all your attention on your companion, and catch a glimpse of their adventurous, free spirit!

Get set for your next date!

So, there you have it – our favourite outfit ideas for a romantic outing! We hope you're feeling inspired to get going on your next date. Wherever you choose to take your special person, we're sure they're going to be impressed by your attire!

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