What Clothes to Wear for Gardening

Ever fancied a spot of gardening but been a little put off by not knowing quite what to wear? To help, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the perfect gardening outfit. With these stylish and practical gardening-attire top tips guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling fresh, there will be nothing to stop you from getting your hands dirty!

Ideal gardening clothes: what to wear to get the job done, and selecting the perfect outdoor jacket!

Step one for picking out the ideal gardening outfit is to assess the weather and the physical intensity of the task you’re about to undertake. Contrary to popular opinion, gardening is an activity suitable for all seasons and is one that can be pretty much enjoyed whatever the weather forecast. From our selection of water-repellent windbreaker jackets to our wide range of lightweight t-shirts, come rain or shine Atlas For Men has got you covered! If it’s too warm for a coat but still a little nippy, why not layer up and keep yourself insulated with a padded gilet or cosy fleece.

How to look like a professional? Your gardening wardrobe must-haves, from cropped trousers to solid boots

Despite being considered a mood-boosting therapeutic past-time, it’s sensible to keep in mind gardening’s pulse-raising capacity. Acquiring a green thumb is the perfect way to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle (and a great way to make sure you’re getting a frequent dose of fresh air), but make sure you’ve got breathable clothes you can move in! For those strenuous tasks, why not throw on a sleeveless vest and some cropped trousers, or even shorts! Items made of microfibre may well be your best friend here, due to the fabric’s fast-drying quality – perfect for concealing any dampness! Think elasticated waistbands too, to ensure you have full freedom of movement.

Just like athletes, amateur and professional gardeners alike require sturdy footwear. Keep your feet protected with a pair of hardwearing hiking boots or, for more gentle gardening activities, simply slip on some lightweight, flexible trainers. All-terrain grip to keep you steady on your feet and machine-washable to get rid of any muddy marks is the way you want to go. Ready, set, GARDEN…

What a gardener should wear: fifty shades of green

As well as acting the part, why not look the part of a talented gardener too, by embracing a khaki colour scheme? The reason the human eye detects more different shades of green than any other colour is because we are created to differentiate between plants. We are practically designed to be gardeners! So, draw inspiration from nature and, through your seamless outdoor style, bring your inner botanist to light.

Pairing different tones of the same colour is a key style principle that is unbelievably easy to master. Sidenote: for further colour coordination advice check out our ‘Easy Tips for Matching Colours in Your Outfits’ article. The fashion rule of thumb suggests that it’s better to keep darker shades to your bottom half, and lighter hues on top. Lucky for you, the demands of fashion and gardening combine perfectly here as darker trousers will also better conceal muddy patches – far more likely to be found on your legs than anywhere else! You’ll want to align your glorious green shades with the weather too; pale hues will keep you far cooler under the heat of the summer sun. If you’re feeling bold, why not opt for a botanical or camouflage print to put a twist on the classic gardener look?

Essential accessories that are worth the investment for every keen gardener!

A frequent faux-pas that those new to the gardening world often make is to forget that accessories are key. Hats are an essential addition to any gardening outfit, whether providing protection from UV rays or simply keeping you warm enough to maximise your time outside. Complete your look with a baseball cap, trendy sun hat or (in cooler months) even an insulating wooly hat. On top of that, don’t forget that gloves may prove a useful extra! While some gardeners claim that feeling the earth directly between your fingers is one of gardening’s perks, in colder weather you’ll definitely regret not investing in a pair. Plus, for less daring gardeners, they're the best means by which to avoid coming into unwanted direct contact with those creepy crawlies!

Chuck on your gardening gear and get growing

Now you know exactly what clothes are best to wear for gardening, there’s nothing left to do but head outdoors and become one with nature. Practical garments that ensure freedom of movement, breathability and the right level of protection will no doubt leave you feeling geared up to tackle the garden. As much a female activity as it is a man’s, women can draw inspiration from the same style guidelines outlined above. But, for a more feminine flair, floral patterns can always be woven into the look!

So, regardless whether you’ve got acres of land to tend or simply a balcony, get gardening and discover the fun release it can represent for us all! There is no time like the present to begin unlocking your gardening skills! What's more, a well maintained garden is the perfect space in which to find some tranquility and is exactly where you'll be wanting to find yourself this summer (and on sunny days in the months beyond!). Trust us, once you start cultivating your garden, you won't want to stop. So, slip into your gardening outfit and get out there!

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