How to Choose Your Men's Windbreaker Jacket?

The mid-season calls for lightweight outer layers that provide ultimate protection from the temperamental UK weather. Look no further than the men's windbreaker jacket – the perfect shield against the elements. Spring and April showers are unfortunately no myth, so make sure you're equipped with the appropriate technical wear to help you battle through any downpour. Thankfully, nine times out of ten, your choice of practical spring outerwear can double up for use in autumn (and it might even come in handy on dismal and stormy summer days when the temperature unexpectedly plummets). But, this makes it all the more important to choose your windbreaker wisely. Wondering where to start? Let us help...

First off, what is a windbreaker jacket and what is this waterproof or water-repellent men's coat used for?

If you're not quite sure what a windbreaker jacket actually is, we're here to bring you up to speed. A sporty and technical piece of clothing, a windbreaker is a waterproof or water-repellent jacket that is specifically designed to protect you from hostile weather, be that light, moderate or heavy rain or – as you may have guessed by its name – strong winds or chilly breezes. For outdoors enthusiasts, it is the best weapon against unpredictable weather. What's more, the humble windbreaker jacket is also amazingly practical. Lightweight and bulk-free, it can be worn with ease and also handily slips into any bag, meaning even on sunny days it's the ideal clothing backup for a sudden onset of drizzle. Its functionality goes even further when you consider its protective hood and multiple secured (and sometimes even hidden) pockets. In a nutshell, windbreakers are ideal for outdoor activity and are the outerwear solution for every explorer that wants to set off on an adventure unhampered.

What is the best men's windbreaker jacket for sale? Opt for lightweight, hooded designs!

Now you know the basic advantages of a windbreaker, it's time to get down to the finer details so you know what design features to really look out for. Since the aim of their game is to provide protection against wet weather, many windbreakers have an integrated hood, and we fully recommend choosing one of these designs! The type of hood can still vary though – some models have a visible one that's permanently on display, while others have one that folds away beneath their insulating funnel neck. If you're looking to strike a balance between smart-casual style and functionality, the latter option is perfect. For unfaltering protection, especially in windy conditions, we'd also advise that you choose a design with a hood that adjusts, either using a cord and stoppers or hook-and-loop tabs. Thinking along similar lines, windbreakers with an adjustable hem and cuffs (or even simply elasticated cuffs) are also an ideal choice if you want to take weather defense one step further; not only will these practical features keep out the rain, they'll also keep in the warmth – all while helping your jacket become the perfect fit too!

For added insulation but maintained breathability, opt for a jacket that has an inner mesh lining and, for total comfort, go for a design that has a slightly longer, generous cut. Freedom of movement is key, given that your windbreaker will no doubt be your jacket of choice for an outdoor workout, and a roomier fit will prevent your outer layer from bunching up when you exercise – especially if you're hitting the trail while wearing a backpack or if you're speeding off on a bike ride, perched over your handle bars with determination. Plus, avoiding models that are too tight means that you'll have sufficient space to layer up with a fleece or sweatshirt beneath your windbreaker when it's biting cold outside. And, if you're seeking extra warmth, look for designs that have handwarmer pockets and a full zip fastening covered by a flap for doubled-up protection.

From red to orange, to black, blue and green men's windbreakers: a rainbow of colours to tackle the rain

Despite their practicality, you cannot say that windbreakers lack style! For a jacket that will pair with your entire wardrobe, pick a neutral navy blue or black design. These classic shades guarantee you a windbreaker that can be worn on any and every rainy occasion, smart or casual. That being said, as athleisure continues to increase its grip on fashion, sporty looks and bright, flashy designs have taken the world of men's outdoor clothing by storm. Nothing injects a little energy into a damp, dark day like a stroke of colour. So, from primary reds and yellows, to secondary greens or even tertiary tones, why not experiment and have some fun with your outerwear? Let your windbreaker help you break away from tradition and revitalise your clothing collection. Perhaps a block colour design will catch your eye or, if you're a real lover of nature, why not bag yourself a camouflage print model so that you can blend into the landscape (but of course stand centre stage in terms of style) when you set off on an escapade outdoors. Although versatile, these jackets really look the part when thrown together with a t-shirt, shorts and trainers, or other sporty garments. They're a wardrobe staple and a must-have for every man that wants to keep up with the trends!

Grab your windbreaker and go

And there you have it – our 411 on windbreaker jackets! Though we like to follow our impulses, choosing what clothes to put our money into also demands a bit of consideration, and this is especially true for functional items. A decent windbreaker will see you through many adventures, so it really is worth taking the time to find a model that you love and that ticks all boxes. And, once you've picked a trusty design, there will be nothing to keep you from getting out there, come rain or shine!

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