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Men's Coats for Winter: How to Choose Which Type of Jacket is the Best for You

The cold, dark, damp winter weather has set in but, just before the temperatures really plummet, now is the best time to get geared up with a decent coat to see you through the season in style! Your outer layer will be your most viewed item in the coming months, so make it a good one! But what should you be looking for – an urban-edged puffer jacket, or a classic heavy-duty parka? Of course, you want a versatile coat in which you can look and feel your best but, when it comes to men's winter jackets, style is not the only thing to consider! Comfort, practicality and weather-resistance are added factors that are equally key when it comes to finding your go-to cosy outer layer and cold-weather companion. So, read on and let us guide you towards making your outer layer the best layer!

What are the warmest winter coats? Look no further than men's puffer jackets!

If you're after maximum warmth, a puffer jacket may be your best winter wardrobe choice! For ultimate insulation, you really want to opt for a design that has thick padding. These bulkier models make for ideal outerwear when it's freezing cold and, since many of our heavily padded designs are also water-repellent, they're a winner in rainy conditions too! Even better, puffer jackets are all the rage this season, so much so that you don't want this trend to pass you by. Pairing style and practicality, the puffer jacket has increasingly grown in popularity over the last couple of years and, while its casual, rugged, adventurous look has had a big part to play in this, there's no doubt this model's uptick is also down to the fact it guarantees to keep you snug and comfortable. In short, the puffer jacket offers everything you need from a winter coat. Since it offers warmth in abundance, this go-to design is especially suitable for avid outdoors adventurers or habitants of particularly chilly parts of the UK (think Scotland and up North!).

While we're often led to believe that down filled jackets are the best of the best, such is not necessarily the case. Although this type of padding is perhaps the most lightweight and warm, making it particularly adaptable to the bitterest conditions, it loses its insulating prowess when exposed to wet weather. It can also prove to be too hot – there is a time and a place for a down-filled jacket, that often involves travels to the likes of Scandinavia, Canada or beyond! And to top it off, down padded jackets tend to be pricey. But this is where synthetic quilting comes into play; this far more budget-friendly substitute is a lot more resistant, easier to care for, and its insulating efficiency is unaffected by humidity or dampness. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more...

What to do when you want to wear a puffer jacket, but the temperature seems a little too mild?

While heavy and robust puffer jackets are a solid bet for biting temperatures, these coats are a little less versatile than their lightweight counterpart. The beauty of more thinly padded jackets is that they continue to offer impressive insulation, but in a more low-key form that is ultra-light and that provides greater freedom of movement. As a result, this style of jacket is apt for all types of physical activity. Lightweight puffer jackets are most ideal for the mid-season – autumn and spring – but, given this year's milder temperatures, then this thinner type of jacket may do the job for a good part of this winter too. Thankfully, there is nothing to stop you from discreetly layering-up fleeces, turtleneck jumpers and long-sleeved tops beneath them to make them fit for purpose when the temperatures do drop as well.

The best time to buy is now, but are you still wondering what you should get for the season ahead? Introducing a long-standing favourite: the go-to winter parka...

While the puffer jacket may seem a little too casual for some, there's no denying that the parka coat is a style staple for all men! Its relaxed look, comfortable feel, and practical features (ranging from multiple zip pockets to adjustable cuffs and a trustworthy hood) make it a classic pick! What's more, as sporting activities and outdoor adventures grow ever more popular, the traditional parka and its iconic style is fast becoming, what some might call, the very best winter jacket for men!

Here's why a warm parka is not just a good choice, but a particularly great one!

Available at reasonable prices, men's parka jackets are an accessible wardrobe essential, and there's definitely room for one in every guy's closet! The reason why this particular style makes for such a good winter coat is because it's hard-wearing. Generally made from resistant microtech canvas, the fair majority of men's parkas are water-repellent and durable, making them an investment not just for this season, but for many to come! They're the perfect option if you spend most of your free-time outdoors, or if you live in a region that experiences many a downpour. And their warm lining gives further reasoning for this – whether fleece-lined or quilted (or even both), the classic parka is sure to keep you warm, dry and comfortable when you end up facing chillier climes.

When it comes to selecting a decent parka, there are a couple of top tips to bear in mind. First off, if you want a parka that offers particularly solid insulation, find a model that has a high grammage. The higher the number written alongside the measurement 'g/m²', the warmer the parka! If you're torn between several different parkas, this tiny detail could turn the tide on which you deem to be the best winter coat. Secondly, consider whether all the finishing touches make for efficient insulation. Prioritise models that have a double fastening for maximum warmth and ideally look for zipped designs that have a secondary press-stud or hook-and-loop fastening over the top. Likewise, if you’re prone to feeling the cold, look out for parkas with adjustable cuffs and hems, as these quality finishes equally signify greater insulation. Last but not least, to keep extra snug choose a parka with a hood – although this one is just as much a question of personal style as it is one of warmth.

Let's get down to business: browse our wide range of coats for sale online and choose from classic black to sporty red!

Now you've got all the know-how, why not take a look to see if we have a winter coat that takes your fancy, available in sizes all the way up to 4XL. Choose from classic easy-to-match tones, such as black, navy and grey, or opt for something a little bolder in colour – such as a green or camouflage print puffer, or a parka with daring red details. As mentioned above, the best winter coats for men are the ones that place equal value on style and practicality. While it may not be a bad move to make space in your wardrobe for both a parka and a padded jacket – the first being a more smart-casual option and the second channeling more relaxed, youthful vibes – if you only have the means to buy one, it really comes down to personal preference. Whatever you go for, rest assured that you're investing in an absolute essential that will properly equip you for many memorable adventures in the season to come! Cold weather and the depths of winter will be here before you know it...

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