How to Choose Your Summer Jacket: From Casual Cuts to Smarter Men's Models, What is The Best Lightweight Jacket for you this Summer?

The sun's out, the days are longer and you're beginning to see a lot of short sleeves on the streets. That can only mean one thing – summer's here! It's time to put away those chunky winter coats and heavy fleece jackets, but don't be fooled – whether you're on the beach or just around town, wind, rain and chilly evenings can still catch you off guard. And we all know the UK weather can be a little temperamental, so stay protected and stylish with one or two casual summer jackets.

What light jackets can you wear in summer? Whether you want classic cotton or a waterproof utility number, it all depends on the fabric

When you're looking for a new summer jacket, you want to consider fabrics first of all. Think about the microclimate of where you are, and where you intend to wear your jacket. For day-to-day urban wear in dry climates (or in places you can find shelter easily), you'll want something light, stylish and breathable. Cotton-polyester blends or denim are a great option: they're comfortable against your skin, and their robustness will give you a little extra protection from summer breezes. Plus, they’re easy-care and machine washable at 30°C, and rather resilient against any snagging. So, safari jackets and denim designs are a great summer pick. If you're going out into the depths of the countryside though, or if you live in a coastal climate with stiffer winds and the constant threat of rain and spray, try a fabric with a little more oomph. Twill, so long as it has a water-repellent finish, is the classic choice – this cotton-polyester blend will keep you dry without smothering you like a heavier fabric. For an even lighter choice though, go for microfibre! Modern windbreakers are made from this ultra-light and breathable quick-dry fabric. And, as well as keeping dampness at bay, these models often have a mesh or taffeta lining for added insulation.

Are windbreakers a good choice for summer?

Yes, they are! As mentioned above, a microfibre men’s windbreaker jacket is an essential part of any man's summer wardrobe, fit for every type of activity that exposes you to the elements. Lightweight yet surprisingly robust, sporty windbreakers are designed to offer maximum protection for minimum weight. These versatile microfibre jackets pair brilliantly with most casual outfits, so don't be afraid to throw one on over a t-shirt, polo shirt or long-sleeved top, combined with your favourite jeans, chinos or cargo shorts. Sportier models, in particular, feature all the pockets you need when out and about, keeping your essentials secure and your hands totally free. These can be paired with shorts or lightweight joggers for the ideal running outfit when following coastal trails or when heading out in stormy weather. Trust us, they’re a summer wardrobe staple.

Safari, denim, bomber... which jacket is best for summer?

OK, we hear you: a windbreaker is a good sports jacket, but what about something a little more stylish and a tad smarter to wear around town or to throw on when you’re off out to socialise? You want something with a little more ‘je ne sais quoi’, right? Let's see what's out there!

Go safari...

Originally developed for Her Majesty's soldiers out in Africa and Asia, the safari jacket is now a staple of masculine summer style. The military cut transforms what would normally be a twill jacket into a more adventurous look, giving it enough smart-casual style to suit any occasion. Practical as well as stylish, its natural tones make it the perfect partner to a pair of blue jeans, denim shorts or neutral chinos, and its many pockets make it a convenient pick. Ideal for all your summer outings and the best clothing solution when the temperatures cool as night falls, this is one jacket you won’t want to be without!

Classic denim...

A staple of the 1980's, the denim jacket has made quite a comeback in recent years! These hard-wearing cotton jackets are undoubtedly casual, but they can make quite an impact when worn over a white shirt or t-shirt and a pair of black trousers or chinos. For simplicity and effortless style, even when you’re rushing out the door, the denim jacket is a must-have this summer.

Or, pick a microfibre, twill or faux-suede bomber jacket!

Another timeless classic, the bomber jacket kept pilots warm up at altitude, and still provides protection from chilly gusts today. Microfibre or even twill models are the ideal pick for warmer weather, offering a lightweight and breathable outer layer. If the weather is dismal though – we know what a UK summer can all too often look like – then a bomber-style faux-suede jacket might be just the thing. On early-morning beach walks or overcast days, you’ll be glad to have one of these designs to hand.

What summer shades to opt for: choose bright blue, brown or navy, or lighten up with natural tones

Of course, every guy should have a lightweight jacket in a dark colour in his wardrobe – black, navy or burgundy. Jackets in these colours just make it so easy to put together a stylish outfit – pairing well with your shorts, t-shirts, or polo shirts whatever their colour – and they always look undeniably sharp! That being said though, summer’s a great time to turn to cooling, lighter tones (for example, shades of brown, beige, ecru, yellow and light blue) and provides an excuse to freely wear brighter, sunnier colours too. Earth tones such as beige and ochre look great over blue denim or lighter trousers and, lucky for you, safari jackets almost always come in such colours. Meanwhile, bright blues, reds and oranges are great worn with black or white clothing for a visual contrast. As ever though, the choice is yours: choose a colour and a style to suit your needs and your personality. Thankfully, summer is the perfect time to experiment with your style.

Go on, get set for the season with a new lightweight summer jacket

Now we've run you through the basics, you know exactly what's out there to keep you stylish and protected this summer. Pick up one or two different styles and colours, keep your options open and head out into the great outdoors to enjoy yourself! Once you're out and about, you'll see just how valuable one of these lightweight jackets can be…

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