The Best Men's and Women's Slippers: How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Shoes off, slippers on! Whatever the season, snug slippers are an absolute everyday essential. But, they especially come into their own at this time of year, with the transition into winter. Since we rely on our feet to get us from A to B, it’s only fair we give them a break at the end of a long day. So, as soon as you step through the front door, kick off your daytime trainers or boots and make sure you've got a comfortable and supportive set of slippers ready to relax in! Forget going barefoot around the house or wearing your daytime shoes indoors, it’s time to invest in some good indoor footwear to keep your feet happy, healthy and oh-so snug! As with all footwear, the options are endless, ranging from lightweight slip-on sliders for milder weather, to ultra-cosy fleece-lined slippers that will keep you toasty from the ground up when temperatures drop… If you’re on the hunt for the best slippers on the market, or your current pair is in need of a refresh, you’re in the right place! The only thing left to do is to consider which slipper type is most appropriate for you: do you need durable soles for quick trips outside in the garden? Extra padding for all-day comfort? Memory foam soles for tired feet? We’ve got you covered with our handy buying guide below!

For Him: what are the best, warmest, and most comfortable men's slippers to wear at home – from warm, fleece-lined slip-on models to closed back moccasin slippers?

The most popular men's slippers are often the slip-on style. Why? Because they’re so practical! If you like the convenience of being able to slip them on and off fuss-free when the doorbell rings or the kettle’s boiled, these will certainly be your top pick! For more breathable, milder-weather-type models, opt for an open-toe design and lightweight material to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh. And unless you're happy to keep your socks on when the chill sets in, we strongly advise investing in a more insulating, closed-toe model come winter! Slip-on winter slippers are perfect for the colder months of the year – so now is the perfect time to purchase a pair – and are even more snuggly when they have a cushioned insole and a fluffy or fleece lining.
If you appreciate feeling as though your foot is well supported, we recommend choosing a slip-on model that also has a raised heel edge. You’ll still have the freedom to easily slide these slippers on and off, but the raised edge will help stabilise your foot and reduce risk of foot pain! If you're keen for a tad more support however, perhaps choose a moccasin-style slipper with a fully enclosed heel instead. This type of design will hold to your entire foot, while offering an unparalleled level of insulation. Plus, you’ll find this timeless style in a range of classic colours – notably tan, navy and black.

For gents that are less sturdy on their feet or that appreciate the sensation of their whole foot and ankle being kept truly secure there is yet another option... Sometimes named bootees or otherwise simply referred to as full slippers, high rise designs with a sizeable hook-and-loop adjustable touch fastening that provides maximum support are the perfect model for your needs. Coming in tartan and striped designs, they don’t just feel good but look good too!

For Her: fluffy or faux-fur styles, for total comfort and a chic look around the house

In a similar vein to male designs, women's slip-on slippers are a quick and easy solution when all that's needed is an item to boost your body temperature. However, backless models are not merely limited to practicality. Coming in a rainbow of colours, some of these designs even have a slight heel to them (often a low wedge), adding a glamorous touch to your loungewear look.

A classic for all, moccasins are also a popular style when it comes to women's slippers. Some designs even have a faux-fur trim, making them extra snug around the ankle. If this traditional design is not entirely in keeping with your style though, then ballerina-type slippers are another slip-on possibility with an enclosed heel and extra foot support. Naturally elegant in design, some ballerina slippers even feature exquisite embroidery, decorative pompoms, pretty patterns or a contrasting trim for added feminine flair.
Just like men's models, there are a number of slippers designed for women that have an easy-to-adjust tab over the top of the foot to guarantee an exceptional level of support and a perfect fit. And, although they often hold less tightly around the ankle, let's not forget that standard slipper boots are another high-rise, extra warm ladies’ slipper option – perfect as we head into winter!

The two main things to keep in mind before you take the plunge...

In short, comfort is the main factor to remember when shopping for your next pair of slippers. Simply consider which model is the best match for your feet – for instance, if you’ve got wide feet, then make sure you pick a wide-fit pair! The shape and design of your slipper goes hand in hand with the level of support it offers. And, in addition to support, make sure you go for a design that will stay comfortably on your feet, with a sole that will enable you to go about your daily household activities unhampered!

Secondly, while practicality remains the prime focus, pay a little attention to the aesthetics too! Indulge yourself by choosing slippers that suit your style. Whether you want a fun, patterned pair to add a little panache to your cosy, indoors-wear, or whether you prefer neutral, monotone, subtle styles that compliment your outfits and almost pass for normal shoes, opt for a design that speaks to your personality! The options are pretty much endless: from faux-suede, leather, fleece, and wool exteriors, to fluffy slippers and knitted models with fleece or sherpa-lined interiors, there's no doubt that you'll find a pair that matches your taste. In addition to all that, it's the little finishing touches like elasticated sides, delicate laces, and decorative topstitching that add the cherry on top when searching for your dream pair of slippers.

Where can you buy men's and women's cosy indoor slippers? Right here of course...

Sorted! Now you know all the details, we’re confident that you’re ready to put your best foot forward and find the best men’s or women’s slippers for you! So, don't hold back... They really are a seasonal essential that you'll be grateful for as winter draws in. We've got a wide range of slipper styles to suit anyone and everyone, so snap up a design before the demand steps up. With the big chill on its way, it’s time to treat your feet!

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