How to Look After and Clean Your Fleece 

Comfortable, cosy, warm and lightweight, fleece is one of those fabrics that's super-easy to look after. Just like with any garment, it's advisable to always read and respect the clothing care guidelines on your fleece's label. That being said, in general, there's no particularities or surprise factors to take into account when it comes to caring for fleece. This material is easy maintenance! Nevertheless, there are still a couple of faux pas to avoid when cleaning your fleece jumpers, fleece jackets, fleece jogging bottoms or any other type of fleece garment. Read on to learn what they are…
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Washing fleece clothes, accessories, and blankets: can you put fleece fabric in the washing machine?

Fleeces are easy to clean. Whether we're talking fleece clothes, accessories – like fleece hats and gloves – or even bedding and fleece blankets, they're all perfectly fine to throw in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Just keep the heat setting at 30°C or below. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid spin drying your fleece items too vigorously post-washing. So that your fleece stays as good as new for as long as possible, we also suggest you wash it inside out with a mild and non-aggressive washing detergent that doesn't contain any bleaching agents.

The fleece jacket and jumper maintenance mishaps to avoid... How do you wash fleece without ruining it?

Don't hand your fleece items over to the dry cleaners – this is a costly and unnecessary measure and a dry clean actually risks doing your fleece more harm than good, since this fabric has low resistance to heat. Cleaning your fleece in the washing machine is therefore a perfectly safe bet, but just remember to avoid using fabric conditioner or softener. This type of chemical product can weaken the fibres of your fleece, reducing its insulating properties. To keep your fleece soft and snug, you can however add a little bit of white vinegar into the drawer or drum of your washing machine. An historic home remedy for cleaning your clothes, white vinegar is a perfect, natural alternative to your supermarket softener!

How to dry your fleece jacket? A fast-drying fabric that doesn't need ironing!

Unlike knitted items or other fabrics often intended for winter weather, fleece dries quickly. And just as well, since fleece is designed to be air dried! Left to dry naturally in this way, it'll retain its shape and remain soft to the touch. So, putting your fleece on a washing line or clothes horse is the best way to dry it. By all means, do not put your fleece in the tumble dryer, as fleece fibres can shrink when exposed to heat. Once dried, avoid ironing your fleece as well! Not only is this measure totally unnecessary (fleece doesn't wrinkle), but it also risks misshaping and ruining your item, again due to the application of heat. Quick to dry and crease-free, polyester fleece is easy-care and easy-wear!
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What to do if your fleece starts bobbling?

Lots of fleece garments have natural anti-pilling properties, while an anti-pilling treatment is even applied to some. However, with time – and with repeated washes and rubbing from everyday wear – the appearance of bobbles on your fleece items is not unusual. If this situation arises, and if you cannot remove the bobbles by hand one by one (something that is entirely possible but just time-consuming), brush your fleece delicately with a fine comb to get rid of them. Another method you can try is using a lint roller.

How to fluff up your fleece after washing it?

If, as a result of everyday wear, the texture of your fleece jacket or jumper has gradually become flattened and less fluffy, fear not! Your item can still be returned to its former super-soft state! Use a clothes brush to comb the fabric and plump up its raised surface (otherwise known as the material’s nap). Although this method requires a little bit of patience, dedicate yourself to the task and your fleece garments will feel plush and cosy once more!

How to make your fleece smell fresher?

If your fleece isn't dirty but doesn't smell too fresh, then place it on a hanger and hook it up next to an open window. This simple hack should do the trick to eliminate any unwanted odours. Take note: washing your fleece on too high a temperature or using fabric softener (already best avoided for reasons acknowledged above) can also result in your fleece garments not smelling so good. To eliminate this type of musty odour, soak your fleece in cold water with a little vinegar poured in (1 cup of vinegar for every litre of water).
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You're in the know with all things fleece!

With all these clothing care tips up your sleeve, your full-zip fleece jackets and half-zip fleece jumpers will stay in great condition for longer, which is a bonus for both your wardrobe and your wallet! It's no wonder people the world over love items made of this material. Perfect from autumn through to spring, fleeces are warm, soft, stylish, and low maintenance! If, after all the above, you want even more advice when it comes to fleeces, why not consult our fleece buying guide?

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