The Key to a Good Night's Sleep? Cosy Men’s Pyjamas!

We all know that getting a good night's sleep is no easy feat! In the UK, many of us fall short of the recommended 7-9 hours (with 8 being the golden number) and past studies suggest that, together, we are in fact a sleep deprived nation. The importance of a good night sleep is not something to downplay though; getting enough hours of shut-eye improves health and immunity, combats weight gain, and increases creativity and productivity. But how can one get a better night's sleep we hear you ask... As obvious as it may sound, did you know that comfortable men's nightwear may actually be just the thing to help you drift off for a solid 8 hours? As well as enabling you to get snug and settled, decent sleepwear can help regulate your body's temperature, providing you the perfect night's sleep! So we're here to give you the lowdown on the best men’s pyjamas so that you can sleep soundly, while remaining in style. After all, if you're going to spend a third of your day in bed (ideally!), you might as well forego the boring boxers and dress for the occasion instead!

The best in men's nightwear, from cotton sleepwear to soft fleece pyjama sets

When it comes to selecting the best men's sleepwear, material plays a big factor. Being too hot, or – perhaps worse – too cold has the potential to really impact the quality of your sleep. Although many men choose to sleep in their underwear, nothing beats a cosy set of pyjamas when the weather turns cooler. Cotton pyjamas are a consistent winner, as their lightweight fabric is breathable and allows for sweat absorption. Overheating in the middle of the night has the potential to massively disrupt your night's sleep but choosing men's cotton pyjamas should help you steer clear from this cruel wake-up call. Every man's nightwear wardrobe requires a quality cotton 2-piece and, lucky for you, they come in every colour and style possible, meaning you’re sure to find at least one set that you’ll utterly adore. Our firm favourites for autumn are short sleeve pyjama sets that come in understated, plain colours, or that feature classic stripes. When it reaches mid-winter though, nothing beats traditional tartan models. And don’t forget, colder temperatures call for weightier materials and long sleeve tops to keep the winter chill at bay. It’s here that flannel and fleece pyjamas steal the show. Insulating and super-soft, these materials will have you drifting off before you know it. 
This same fabric-focused logic can equally be applied to your bedding; in addition to well selected pyjamas, ultra-soft cotton sheets or a cosy set of flannel bed linen could keep you at the perfect temperature and have you sleeping like a baby. Of course, don’t forget to throw a blackout eye mask into the equation for good measure too – that way you’ve covered all bases for a dreamy, deep sleep!

Season-inspired sleepwear: long sleeve pyjama tops and full-length bottoms, or men's PJ shorts and V neck t-shirts

When in quest of a good night's sleep, the cut of your pyjamas is another thing worth taking into consideration. More fabric generally means greater insulation. It therefore goes without saying that warmer weather calls for sets that are comprised of shorts and a t-shirt (a V-neck style will let your body breathe all the more), while your natural reflex when faced with chillier conditions should be to cover up and throw on full-length pyjama bottoms and a long-sleeved top. That being said, the former are ideal if you're naturally prone to getting too hot in bed, or if unrestricted freedom of movement is just the thing to help you avoid hours of uncomfortable tossing and turning. In the mid-season, a good compromise for getting the temperature balance right is to opt for a long trouser and t-shirt combo.
Whatever type of PJ set you choose, make sure it’s loose-fitting and unrestrictive, as it’s this that will provide you maximum comfort. V neck pyjama tops or button-up collars that can be left open are a great way to avoid any sense of constriction around the neck. Likewise, elasticated waists with an adjustable drawstring are not to be underestimated – any pyjama bottoms that are adorned with this flexible feature are sure to provide the perfect fit without compression!

Sleepwear is the new loungewear – choose your men’s pyjamas wisely and you're all set to sleep and chill in style!

As the line between sleepwear and loungewear becomes increasingly blurred, and as working from home becoming more common place puts a whole new spin on the significance of daily ‘wardrobe essentials’, investing in some chic sleepwear has never had such a pay back! Now more than ever, it’s time to kill two birds with one stone and treat yourself to pyjamas that will let you eat, sleep, work, repeat in total style.
Sleepwear fashion has come full circle, and traditional checked pyjamas are back in the spotlight once more. Similarly, classic button-up long sleeve pyjama shirts with a collar and piped details are taking the world of men’s loungewear by storm, placing renewed emphasis (to the extreme) on smart-casual work-from-home-wear. That being said, every man has room in his closet for a pair of PJs that have a more modern character to them. Pyjama tops and t-shirts featuring a fun, bold print design are a great way to spice up your relaxed-look and inject a little bit of fun into it. And while your sleepwear can pass for loungewear, the reverse is true too. 

Men’s joggers double-up as super-cosy pyjamas, and the addition of a soft, warm hoody never hurt anyone! To polish off your look, throw some faux suede slip-on mules into the mix. Trust us, slippers are the real cherry on top when it comes to stylish loungewear. And if you look and feel good in your lounge and sleepwear, you’ll have one less worry when your head hits the pillow at night!

Don't sleepwalk through your bedtime style choices

So, there you have it – pyjamas are one easy solution to making sure you max out on your night's sleep! Explore our wide range today to find styles that definitely won't disappoint, at budget-friendly prices that won't keep you up at night. And since pyjamas can make or break a good night’s sleep, there’s really no excuse not to invest! Buying a comfortable, fresh pair of pyjamas will earn you both health and style points, so what are you waiting for? Ready, steady, shop… and sleep!

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