'Tis the Season to be Stylish: Men's Christmas Outfits

The chilly weather is settling in, a sprinkle of snow may be on its way, the decorations are ready to go up and the scent of mulled wine and mince pies will soon be drifting through the air. Regardless whether you adore festivities or you're a bit of a scrooge, you've no doubt felt it... Christmas is coming! And, with the holiday season well and truly upon us, your social calendar may be filling up fast! While the glitz and glam of Christmas parties and gatherings with friends and family provide something extra special to look forward to, it's fair to say that Christmas festivities can put the pressure on a bit – especially when you're left wondering what to wear to each and every special occasion! Just like Santa's little helpers, we're here to lighten the load and simplify matters... Don't be caught off guard this year. Instead, get geared up ahead of time! Read our run down on the best men's Christmas outfits for every type of event, so you can prep yourself for this holiday season and celebrate in style, without having to think twice. Eliminating the stress of wardrobe malfunctions and ensuring you feel cosy, comfortable and confident in your clothing choices, our guide to festive fashion will help you step out the door relaxed and ready to embrace the magic of Christmas.

Cool and casual in a checked shirt: men's go-to clothes for the holiday period

Since the Christmas period can often feel a little non-stop with spontaneous celebrations popping up left, right and centre, make sure you've got a couple of foolproof, style staples in your winter wardrobe that can be thrown on at the drop of a hat! Having a few easy-to-pair basics to hand that can adapt to every setting will make dressing to impress ten times easier! Our firm favourites? Checked shirts and chinos (or jeans), of course! A perfect combo when worn together, these items will also mould to the rest of your clothing collection, meaning you can consistently switch up your look. They also strike the ideal balance between smart and casual, so they are sure to be a hit no matter where you're headed! Flannel plaid shirts are the perfect base for Christmas outfits for men as they add visual interest, provide just the right amount of warmth and create a textured look that embodies effortless style.
To keep on theme, we recommend checked designs that stick to the Christmas colour palette – think snowy shades of ecru, grey and ice blue, or rich, warm tones of santa-style red and forest green! You could even go for shirts that have a slightly metallic silver or gold yarn woven throughout – seize the chance to add a little shimmer to your outfit! To further tap into winter fashion, layer a plain t-shirt or – even better – a cosy turtleneck jumper under your shirt and you're more or less good-to-go! On your bottom half, again keep to Christmassy colours when it comes to your choice of chinos, or simply go for a standard beige or black pair that will complement all your other clothing items. If you're more of a jeans man, any colour goes really! Just remember dark pairs veer towards the smarter end of the spectrum, while light washed-out denim leans towards a laid-back look.

A white Christmas? Men's festive outerwear to combat the cold UK weather

If you're off to embrace the chilly outdoors, say for a trip to the local Christmas market or a long walk through residential streets in search of the prettiest Christmas lights, needless to say you'll want to wrap up warm! Lucky for you, keeping cosy goes hand in hand with men's winter fashion. For the ultimate Christmastime outdoors look, climb into a heavy-duty parka or bulky puffer jacket – the bigger the better we say! For a real festive look, go all out and choose a coat that has a faux-fur-trim hood to it. In our opinion, the more snug you look, the more on-trend you'll be when it comes to men's winter season style. 
For that very reason, pair your choice of jacket with the very best in winter accessories; nothing will have you looking more festive than a winter hat. Whether you opt for a classic knitted design, a fleece hat or a sherpa-lined cap with ear flaps, this small addition to your outfit will have a big impact in terms of style and thermal insulation. For flawless festive fashion, throw a pair of gloves and even a chunky scarf into the mix too, and you'll be more than ready to tackle the cold!

Keep it cosy for a Christmas day spent at home

Ho, ho, home... You don't have to be heading off anywhere special to have an excuse to style yourself in Christmas clothing! At this chilly time of year, sometimes hunkering down next to the fire with a hot chocolate in hand and a Christmas classic on screen is all you're in the mood for. Fortunately, there's no strict dress code for this sort of activity (meaning comfort comes first!) but that's no reason not to keep on theme. To get in the spirit of things, why not cosy up in a warm Christmas jumper. Knitted Fair Isle and Jacquard designs are a great look for this time of year and are a subtle way of conveying a little bit of Christmas cheer. But, if you prefer to play it bold (which you're most definitely free to do in the comfort of your own home – not that you need an excuse of course, since at Christmas anything goes!) then add some character to your Christmas outfits with a snowman, elf or Santa print! While your jumper deserves to be the real centre piece of your overall outfit, you can still polish off the look with a Christmassy pair of socks or even some super-soft slippers. If you're spending Christmas day at home, then this is our number 1 suggested look for gents, matched with jeans, plain chinos or even black corduroys! For even more chilled-out Christmas style though, nothing says 'it's the holidays' more than a luxurious loungewear set or a fresh pair of xmas pjyamas.

Smart and sophisticated: best men's outfits for a formal Christmas dinner, fancy party, or night on the town

When it comes to dressing for those fancy occasions – the work Christmas do, a Christmas Eve get together at the local, a big family Christmas Day gathering or New Years' Eve party – it's time to don a sharp shirt. Aim for a first class look, with a long-sleeved pure cotton design. The classic shades of white, black or deep navy blue will always work wonders and are the best pick for seamless sophistication, but feel free to drift from these traditional options if you want to spice things up. With Christmas celebrations providing a break from daily conventions, the rules of every day fashion can be played with a little. So, if you've got a shirt hiding in your closet that you've been waiting to wear but never felt it was the right moment... maybe Christmas 2023 is the time it gets to see the light of day!
If you're looking to expand your shirt collection in preparation for the holiday period however, we suggest you let yourself be swayed towards plainer designs that feature contrasting details. Epaulettes, contrasting buttons or a coloured lining inside the collar stand and cuffs are discreet but impactful details that will add a subtle twist to your look, providing the perfect middle-ground that'll save you from a shirt that's so classic it's dull and one that's so out-there it's overboard. Delicately patterned shirts are another unfaltering choice if you need to fine-tune your fashion to avoid an outfit that's too little or too much. Pair your shirt with a dark pair of trousers (chinos, jeans, corduroys or smart black trousers if you're a real high-flyer) along with dark shoes and you're set. And if you've played it safe with your shirt choice, then add that extra twinkle with the addition of a set of braces or a stylish watch.

Men's must-haves for a very merry Christmas

Done and dusted – we've given you all the essential tips to put you on track for wardrobe success this Christmas! To wrap everything we've mentioned up neatly, it's important to consider your clothing choices in advance and ensure you've got some key pieces to fall back on, so that you're ready to accept any invite that crops up. If you're a little short on go-to garments, then why not treat yourself to an early present or make a special request on your Christmas list regarding the style staples you lack? The celebrations are upon us though, so hurry and get your outfits in order! Go on, embrace that festive feeling... Deck the halls, but deck out your men's wardrobe too!

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