Style Guide for Plus Size Men: Got a Larger Frame? Make the Most of your Clothes and Learn how to Flatter Your Body Type

It’s not always easy for men with larger frames to find high-quality clothes that are equally figure flattering. All too often, high-street brands offer a limited choice for broader shoulders or larger waistlines, while images and style tips tend to focus exclusively on the skinny or athletic types. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with some of the key pointers you need to look your best, whatever style you’re going for.

First, define your body type

First things first and before diving in, it's important to determine your body shape.

While you may sit on the larger side of the generic high-street sizing spectrum, knowing exactly what build you have will enable you to make informed decisions when it comes to buying clothes and getting dressed in the mornings.

Despite common misconceptions, not all plus size men have the same physicality. So, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out our How to Dress For Your Body Type Guide for all the information that's necessary to finding out which type of body shape you have.

Are you an oval O with a rounded mid-section, like many other plus size men? Or, do your hips and waist dominate your shoulders and give you an A-frame instead, meaning you're smaller up top? It could be that the upper half of you body is where you're naturally bulkier though, making you a V shape (your figure gets narrower as you travel from head to toe).

Your frame will determine your style choices, so don't dismiss this important starting point.

Figure this out, and you'll be well underway to plus size style success...


Make sure your clothes match your size

Many men, not only those with larger frames, instinctively reach for a shirt or top that is much too big, thinking that it’ll hide their curves. This is not the case, and can have the opposite effect, drawing attention to where you least want it. Trust us, a regular t-shirt or long sleeve top in your own size is a much better option – not too tight, not slim-fit, but fitted, adjusted or regular. This will keep you looking smart and open up possibilities for layering a jumper or open shirt over it.

Colours are important

This may seem obvious, but bright colours and bold patterns are hit or miss. Think neutral, basic tones such as navy, grey and brown topped off with a colourful detail or accessory. Stripes are a good option (vertical, not horizontal) and a V-neck top will help elongate your figure and make you look slimmer. Keep your trousers dark and your belt discreet – you want to draw the eye away from your waist and up towards your head and chest.

Oversized jeans are not the answer

Take care when you choose your trousers. Comfort is a priority, of course, but avoid anything loose or baggy. Choose a regular-fit pair of trousers, chinos or jeans, in a flattering neutral colour such as navy blue or grey. Bootcut jeans are a great choice too, evening out the shape of your legs and compensating for any extra thickness around your thighs.

Layer up!

Layering is one of the most effective ways to visually slim down your figure and has long been advised for larger frames. Use the tips from our colour guide and start with a light, pale t-shirt (or top) and build outwards. Try an open, long-sleeve shirt or knitted jacket over it, making sure that it’s a darker, neutral colour without too much of a pattern or print - a gentle design is fine though! If the weather’s starting to get a little chilly, you can even add a third layer – throw on a fleece or a jacket (making sure it’s darker than the layer below) and you’ve got an outfit that will keep you warm and stylish! Just make sure you avoid thicker bodywarmers – the puffed shape only adds bulk.
Layering suggestion
Layering example

Now get out and find your style

Now you’ve heard a few key tips on how to get started, it’s time to get out there and find an outfit (or wardrobe) that will make the most of your figure! Just remember, your comfort is the most important, and everyone is unique – you may have to mix and match to find the right style for you. Luckily, our plus size menswear range is just a click away, and is packed with shirts, trousers, tops and so much more to fill your wardrobe with comfortable, stylish clothes for every occasion. And don’t forget, many of our products size all the way up to 4XL, so you’re sure to find a great fit for you.

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