The Best Types of Jeans For Women: Understanding Different Cuts and Styles

A cornerstone of men's and women's fashion, denim is never not in. Of course, different cuts and types of jeans as well as varying shades of denim come to the fore as the seasons revolve, dictating the laws of dressing well, but ultimately jeans remain a constant, everyday clothing essential. A basic building block for all outfits, these easy-to-match trousers often fulfil the functional purpose of partnering well with whatever you decide to wear on your upper half. But don't be fooled, even standard blue jeans and black jeans have the power to make a style statement too! Especially when it comes to women's fashion, where there is no end of jean styles on the market. Since it's easy to feel a little lost and confused when confronted with all the different fits and cuts out there, we thought we'd run you through the main must-have styles of ladies' jeans. Let your denim discovery begin...
Women's cropped jeans close up
Women's skinny jeans outfit
Women's stylish look with blue denim jeans

What are the most popular jeans right now? We'd say wide leg jeans, baggy jeans and cargo styles!

Dominating the present-day denim jean scene, wide leg jeans, baggy jeans and cargo cuts are what's popular right now. These loose-fitting, full-length styles have risen to prominence in recent months, but they're not yet necessarily a centre piece of every woman's wardrobe. But watch this space... Evoking 90's nostalgia, they offer a relaxed style, spacey comfort, and a looser look that is best suited to informal settings. For an even more casual vibe, pick up these styles in light wash blue denim.

Trendy mom jeans

Mom jeans are a go-to pair of jeans for many women! Not too close fitting or restrictive but slightly shaped nonetheless (particularly since they are generally tapered at the ankle), some people say this type of denim trouser provides the perfect fit. Many pairs of mom jeans feature a high waist but mid-rise and low-rise models are easy to come across too, meaning you're sure to find a set that suit you. Having stolen the spotlight for many years, mom jeans are not strictly at the forefront of new-in current fashion trends, but that doesn't mean you should rule them out! They're a classic cut that strikes the perfect casual-chic balance, and their versatility – making them suitable for the everyday – means they're here to stay for the long haul.

Figure-flattering high waisted styles

Women's high waisted jeans – sometimes referred to as high-rise models – are perhaps the most flattering denim option of all, lengthening your legs, trimming your tummy and cinching in your waist. As their name suggests, these sit higher up on your body, in line with your belly button. For us, high waisted models are among the very best jeans for women as they work wonders for all body shapes. Our top tip? To showcase their statement waistline, pair them with tops that have a slightly cropped cut or, instead, tuck your tees, vests and jumpers into them. The addition of a belt can further accentuate the high waist, polishing off your outfit perfectly, but the beauty of these close-fitting jeans is that one isn't always necessary, particularly not for practical purposes.

What style of jeans are in? Straight leg jeans are a comfy classic that'll stay forever-in-fashion

Serving up a perfect fit that – as many women can testify – is neither too tight nor too loose, straight leg jeans are suitable for all occasions, making them a go-to choice for many ladies. Smart yet still casual, their cut is somewhat of a happy medium between wide leg and skinny styles, that promises to compliment every type of woman's body shape. It is their ability to adapt to any outfit and their inherent one-style-suits-all nature that makes straight leg designs some of the best jeans for women. Great in dark blue, black and grey, these unassuming models will pair with all your pretty tops, jumpers and jackets! Trust us, no matter your shape or size, straight leg jeans are your best friend when it comes to female fashion. If you've only got one pair of jeans in your wardrobe, let it be these.
Straight leg jeans outfit
Women's outfit with straight leg jeans
Close-up of women's straight leg jeans.

Close fitting skinny jeans

Although they are less of a fashion focus at present, after an era of being bang on trend, skinny jeans are not to be dismissed as a women's wardrobe staple. As their name suggests, skinny jeans sit close to the skin, offering a super-snug fit that best flatters narrower frames. The good thing about this type of jean is that, discreet and simple, it lets your top do the talking! As a result, skinny jeans look great paired with a flowy blouse, longline shirt, or an oversized t-shirt. What's more, black skinnies are some of the best jeans for women in the workplace – they're slightly more casual than formal work trousers, but smart enough to still be appropriate for formal events and the office. Our advice? Wear them with heeled boots or sophisticated stilettos.

Super-comfortable stretchy jeans

Facilitating total freedom of movement, stretchy jeans are some of our favourite jeans for women! Their soft, stretchy fabric generally features a touch of elastane – the secret to their extra give. Of course, all types and cuts of ladies' denim trousers can be classed as stretchy jeans, so long as they have a hint of stretch, but some models go one step further to incorporate a partially elasticated waist too. If you seek timeless style but – favouring the comfort of leggings and cotton jersey trousers – are reluctant to reach for the jeans already in your drawers, then stretch jeans may be the solution!

Flared and bootcut fits

There's no doubt about it, flared and bootcut jeans are ideal for creating an ultra-feminine silhouette. Tucked in at the waist, skimming the thighs and then gradually widening towards the hem, these denim jeans provide a perfect fit for ladies looking to accentuate their natural curves, all while assuming an air of elegance and sophistication. Best worn with heels and heeled boots – which continue the elongated lines that these jeans, reminiscent of the 70s, delicately curate – flares are a fast-track to being a real fashionista!

Spring-summer favourites: cropped jeans

Ideal for milder weather and the onset of spring-summer days, cropped jeans are (or should be) a key component of every women's wardrobe. Sometimes referred to as three-quarter length jeans, 7/8 jeans or ankle grazers, cropped jeans are cut that little bit shorter to leave the ankle exposed and, generally speaking, they tend to cross over with looser wide-leg or straight leg styles. Relaxed and casual, they promise chic, sunny-day style, whether paired with trainers, loafers, mid-low heels or sandals! Our top tip? When it comes to these jeans, as well as traditional shades, favour white denim and pastel colours for true springtime or summertime effortless style!

Revamp your denim drawer!

Now you know all the most popular style of jeans, there's no excuse not to up your denim game! While there are still more cuts with slightly more detailed differences that could be added to the above list, the aforementioned styles group together all the main categories of women's jeans available, giving you a great starting point for refreshing and organising your denim trouser drawer. The real trick is to have a handful of different denim designs at your fingertips, in a range of colours and shades, so you're never short on outfit options. Since easy-pairing jeans are so foundational to everyday fashion, getting this section of your closet in order can really transform your outfit ensembles and overall personal style. So, in short, good jeans are worth investing in!

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