3 New Year Wardrobe Resolutions, for Great Style in 2024

We all know that at the turn of the year, it's custom for people to make new year's resolutions. And for good reason! They are a great way to start off the next 365 days with optimism, direction and a desire for self-improvement. The downside, however, is that once January gets fully underway, sticking to your resolutions can result in pressure and pangs of guilt if you feel like you're not progressing enough, and nobody likes that! A long list of resolutions and a whole year's worth of time leaves a lot of room for mistakes... That's why we've decided to do our research, keep it simple, and offer up just 3 easily achievable and stress-free wardrobe resolutions, to make 2024 your most stylish year yet. Managing your wardrobe well can lead you to look good and feel good, while being kind to your wallet and the planet too. So, keep reading as we give you a speedy summary of our recommended style resolutions for the upcoming year.

Wardrobe goal number 1: invest better

If, as for many, your starting the year with the knowledge that you need to stick to a fairly tight budget, then the best wardrobe resolution you can set yourself is to kick bad shopping habits and make better investments when it comes to clothing. This will look different for different people – and that's totally fine! For some, it may mean concocting a shopping list that's limited to a select few want or need items. Key pieces may include an overshirt that's ideal for transitioning seasons, a piqué polo shirt that works for all occassions (whether smart or casual) or quality outerwear that will see you through this winter and the next. Devising a list at the start of the year will help you to shop sensibly, prioritise which new things to purchase, and manage your spending throughout 2024. Plus, it's a great way to consume less too. Some may be willing to invest more in bigger and better items (quality over quantity!) while others may take a more frugal approach, bagging a bargain in the form of a multipack, or choosing to mostly shop in sale periods. For those that find themselves in the middle, why not browse our Marketplace collections instead, to pick up pieces from popular brands for a cut of the usual price. However you choose to play it, let 2024 be the year where less is more!

Another way to invest better is to primarily purchase timeless and versatile garments. Rather than falling victim to trends that come and go, these will remain fashionable for the long haul, guaranteeing lots of wear as well as longevity in your looks. In the long run, this will mean less money and less waste. You may also wish to consider hopping on the bandwagon of curating a capsule wardrobe, where minimalism reigns supreme. For further guidance on how to get started, read our capsule wardrobe guide. Whatever strategy you use to get there, investing better is this year's end goal!

A second simple and popular New Year's style resolution: go bolder and have more fun!

If there's anything that another lap around the sun has taught us, it's that the sands of time slip through your fingers faster than you know it. So, as we step into the new year, seize the day and style yourself accordingly. Let's face it, none of us are getting any younger, so now's the time to wear what you want, how you want. Life's too short to play it safe and succumb to style stress, so instead of all black everything or tepid tones that help you blend into the background, be bolder and let your outfits bubble over with vibrant personality in 2024! To achieve this, here's a few top tips: try new things, embrace colour, and favour patterns and emphatic motifs. This is the perfect wardrobe resolution idea for people that are looking to spice up their style and change their monotone, repetitive, day in-day out looks, all too often derived from the lockdown era of long ago.

If you've got some items hiding in your wardrobe that you've never been brave enough to put on in public, make it your mission to wear them each at least three times this year. Once to get over that uncomfortable self-conscious feeling, once to actually enjoy wearing it, and a third time for good measure so that you can objectively determine whether it suits you or not. If you've got a couple of bright garments in your closet, integrate them into your daily looks for a fresh pop of colour. And, when it comes to special occasions, don't be afraid to steal the show with a patterned shirt. Should your current wardrobe lack any of these types of items, make it your shopping priority to purchase a few statement pieces so that 2024 is the year you can say you set your own trends! Finally, if you're feeling a little sheepish, let yourself start off small. Patterned socks, a fun tie, or a bright t-shirt with a small chest print in a colour you wouldn't usually opt for are a great place to begin. Remember, he who dares wins! So, take small steps forward, then let yourself dream big!

The last challenge on the list: get to know your wardrobe and wear it well!

Last but by no means least, the final suggestion on our mini list of new year style resolutions is to get acquainted with your existing wardrobe, so that you can wear it to the full. Make this your biggest goal! Take the time to rummage through your rails and drawers and remind yourself what items you already have. Oftentimes we shop for new things, while forgetting or never wearing some of what we already own. But there's no place for this bad habit in 2024! As you sort through your personal clothing collection and stumble upon items that see the light of day less frequently, ask yourself a few questions: Is this item flattering? When did I last wear it? What other clothes does it go with? This will help you decide what to keep, and what to pass on to others, streamlining your wardrobe and making getting dressed in the morning a far easier affair. When sorting through your items, you'll also get a pretty quick idea of what's missing from your closet and what future purchases to avoid. If you're overflowing in denim, picking up yet another pair of blue jeans is probably not essential for 2024... But if you've got a trip to the Lakes planned or you intend to road trip around Scotland and you don't have any outdoors-appropriate attire, then you know what you need. While familiarising yourself with your wardrobe, put in a little extra effort and consider what pairs well with what, and what outfits you could build that you've never previously adorned. This is multitasking at its best. Take note, so that you can stride into 2024 with a fresh array of go-to looks. It shouldn't take too much time, and the payoff is so worth it.

Not only is it a great idea to get to know the contents of your wardrobe well, but it's also a good goal to then wear it – all of it! If you've got it, flaunt it... Some tricks for wearing the entire span of your wardrobe may involve learning to layer properly, discovering how to dress for your body type, or committing yourself to understanding how to colour coordinate. Thankfully it's not all hard work though, as the return of short shorts and bermudas, vests, sleeveless knits and even ties – all on the cards for 2024 – may give you extra incentive to re-wear those garments that have been in hiding. Cyclical fashion at its finest! So, wear your wardrobe and multiply your outfit rotations.

What are the best new year style resolutions to make this year? Now you've got some good, unique ideas in mind!

Voilà – our 3 top style tricks for 2024! With these easy wardrobe resolutions, you're all set to head into the new year feeling organised, determined and content, while looking your best! So, kick those bad habits and reframe how you choose to do fashion! Feel free to put your own twist on our recommendations, or to add your own style resolutions to the mix too. Just make sure they are achievable, reasonable and uplifiting, so you can avoid unnecessary stress. Start as you mean to go on, embrace our wardrobe resolutions and the style revelations they bring and, most importantly, embrace 2024!

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