Jeans For Men: Style Insights & Outfit Tips

Timeless and forever in fashion, jeans are a foundational element of every man's wardrobe. With their smart-casual charm, plentiful pockets and characteristic metal rivets, they've monopolised the trouser market over the years, becoming a hardwearing classic that can be found in pretty much any size and colour, as well as in an array of cuts. Suitable for the city and convenient for the countryside, easy to dress up and simple to dress down, there's no place a good pair of jeans doesn't belong! And while they're great whatever the season, in the colder autumn-winter months they really are an everyday essential. So, read on as we pay homage to this year-round style staple and reveal all our insights on how to select and wear the best jeans for you!

Stylish men's jeans: the best trousers to have in your wardrobe

Ever wondered about the history behind the go-to trousers hanging in your wardrobe? Well, here's a quick debrief. The resistant fabric (called 'gênes de bleu' in French) which was later used to make jeans (explaining where the name derives from) was born into being in the ancient harbour of Genoa, Italy. The durable material was then reinvented in Nîmes, France, which is where the term 'denim' comes from. And, as time went on, this denim material came to fame thanks to Levi Strauss in the US – resulting in jeans as we know them today!

From dark blue, to black and grey – investing in a collection of colours will let you vary your looks!

From light grey to jet black, to classic denim and faded blue, nowadays jeans have moved beyond basic blue and are available in a whole host of navy and neutral shades! Even brown, white and cream are now an option. Such diversity in terms of colour makes jeans super easy-to-match, rendering them an ideal building block for all outfits. What's more, available in compositions of 100% cotton or in more lightweight blends, this trouser type not only adapts to all your looks, but also to all seasons and all weather types! On autumn, winter, spring and even cooler UK summer days, jeans are the answer to all your wardrobe dilemmas! And if it so happens to get too hot for them, denim shorts are always a back-up option in the height of summer, ready to pair with the same items as their longer length rivals!

Straight leg, regular fit, slim, skinny or baggy? It's all about the cut and finding the best fit of jeans for you!

Straight leg, slim cut, skinny or ever so slightly flared, there are so many styles and fits of jeans to choose from. Such variety is what makes them the king of all clothes! Whatever your shape or preferred look, you're certain to find a pair of jeans that make you feel great. For guidance on what cut may suit and fit you best, why not consult our guide to How to Dress For Your Body Type. A standard straight-leg pair will work well for any man, whatever his physique, and lightweight cargo-style jeans with flap pockets on the leg are a practical choice for guys on the go! 

Stretch jeans for supreme comfort

Whether you choose to adorn your jeans for casual chilled-out occasions or active outdoor adventures, it doesn't matter! Given their tough fabric, jeans are your greatest ally. But one style of jean rules the roost... Stretch jeans, woven with the addition of a small amount of elastane, allow for greater freedom of movement while remaining sturdy and stylish. They look the part, but promise increased comfort! Thanks to these designs, overly tight jeans with no give are a thing of the past!
If you want to take things up a notch in terms of total comfort and easy wearability though, elastic waist jeans are an even greater option. Some models have a visible drawstring while others have full or partial elasticated waistbands, meaning you can pick a pair that correspond to your preference! Elasticated sides are a more discreet way to achieve total comfort without sacrificing style, but either way an elastic waist can be cleverly concealed under a belt or untucked shirt, polo shirt or t-shirt.
Elastic Waist Jeans
Jeans with a partial elasticated waist

Outfit compilations – what is best to wear with your jeans?

As we've already implied above, jeans go with everything. A timeless addition to every man's wardrobe, they can be styled in any which way. So, whatever look you're going for, let a pair of jeans be your starting point and build from there.

Chic look

For a tried and tested everyday ultra-chic look, opt for a darker coloured straight leg jean combined with a single-colour shirt (or one with a very delicate single-colour print motif). Complete the look with a split-leather belt that has an understated buckle, along with dark boots or simple suede loafers. For extra style, colour coordinate your footwear and accessories to create a complementary and carefully compilated outfit.

For evening events or smarter social occasions, it's a well-known fact that jeans have displaced dress trousers and become the usual fashion choice. Paired with a white shirt and a blazer, or even just matched with a dark plain overshirt, they'll have you looking on point! Again, to finish off the look, favour dressier shoes in a subtle colour, opting for classic leather models or faux-suede designs for an added touch of texture and character. If you really want to look sharp though, go for all black everything – pairing a black shirt with black jeans and black footwear.

Men's outfit with jeans
Men's jeans styled with a shirt
Men's adventurer look
Men's jeans with a check shirt

Adventurer look

Jeans are a go-to garment for every adventurer, and they never fail to look good when paired with an untucked check shirt. To bring out your inner explorer, throw on light or faded jeans – or even a distressed looking pair – with a t-shirt and plaid shirt (ensuring the two match in terms of colour). To polish off the look, why not add a baseball cap to the mix too! The addition of an attention-demanding belt, with a statement-making buckle, intricate details like striking topstitching, or a metallic end piece, can only perfect this winning style compilation. Meanwhile, boots or other high-rise footwear will round off this rugged look with an extra touch of effortless charm.

When it comes to your choice of checked shirt, it's up to you whether you choose a long or short sleeve model. Flannel designs are best for autumn, winter and chillier days, and will really help you channel a true lumberjack look. Plus, they're more robust, meaning you can wear them for all adventures and outdoor activities. That being said, more lightweight cotton poplin designs will work well in the heat. Whatever you go for, you can't go wrong with this curated look!

Pair your jeans with a jacket – but what type of jacket?

On nippier days you won't want to find yourself without a jacket. And, lucky for you, these are the perfect partner for a good-fitting pair of jeans.
Men's jeans with a faux-suede jacket
Double denim look

Desert trekker look

Great for the mid-season, the faux-suede bomber jacket never fails to look the part with a pair of jeans. Push the doors of your imagination and run with a desert theme, selecting a light brown or tan jacket along with a sandy-coloured neutral shirt and even a lightweight scarf. If you want to go all out, a pair of cream, neutral jeans will finish the look off nicely. But if you prefer to play things a little safer, then washed out blue or grey jeans may be the way forward! If a faux-suede jacket is a touch too warm for the weather, then opt for a safari jacket instead – perfect for spring, early summer and even an Indian summer. You can stick to the same colour principles, simply trading in faux suede for a lightweight and potentially longer line cotton design. Not yet got a safari jacket lurking in your closet? Consult our collection of men's safari jackets to get kitted out.

Double denim look

Despite the bad reputation it is sometimes unfairly given, denim on denim can look great! The trick is just to vary the shades of denim that play into your overall look. Think of marrying dark navy jeans with a lighter blue jacket (or vice versa) and opt for an underlayer in a light or bright shade. Whether white, orange or any other colourful hue, let your base layer t-shirt break up the all-denim look for guaranteed style success!

Invest in the best

And there's our rundown on jeans for men! Etched in history and woven into the very fabric of men's modern-day fashion, denim jeans are a clothing essential for every guy, particularly as the colder weather starts to draw in. Available in a wide range of cuts and colours, there really is a pair out there to suit each and every man. And just as well, since they are a great foundation for almost any outfit, as indicated by our variety of recommended looks. So what are you waiting for? Give your jeans the wear they deserve, or invest in a new pair for endless style. It's time to start flaunting your carefully considered men's outfits with jeans! 

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