Outfit Tips: How to Style Your Men's Checked Shirt?

A central tenet of every man's wardrobe, the checked shirt is a timeless and versatile item that can be adapted to suit pretty much any look. Easy to dress up and equally easy to dress down, it can be worn in a variety of ways; whether you go for a super-casual or smart and chic look, the checked shirt is sure to build the basis of a dapper outfit! From large checks to small and subtle checks, tartan weaves to gingham-style patterns, bright colours to more discreet tones, super-soft cotton poplin to warm flannel... The humble check shirt takes many different forms. So, no matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee that there’s a checked shirt out there for you! This wardrobe staple can be incorporated into an array of outfits and donned for all occasions! Fuss-free, the men's plaid shirt is a real crowd-pleaser that's a perfect go-to-shirt when you're unsure what to put on. Plus, it's one of those items that won't make you too hot or leave you too cold, meaning it's great for this time of year! Without further ado, here are the check shirt outfits that you'll want to wear on repeat.

The relaxed plaid shirt

It might be one of the most simplistic men's outfits out there, but a short or long sleeve checked shirt paired with a pair of black or blue jeans is a winning formula for a failproof outfit. Relaxed and uncomplicated, this classic combo has been a firm favourite for generations. For a traditional look, keep the collar turned down and tuck your shirt into your trousers. Complete the look with a belt and you're good to go. Old school style is not to be underrated! For a similarly classic but even more casual look, don't hesitate to leave your shirt hanging out and your collar turned up. A little less polished, this slightly rugged look is perfect for when you're kicking back at the weekend, or when you're getting ready to hit the town. For head-to-toe chilled out style, add a baseball cap for a final finishing touch!

The lumberjack look: from the oversized check flannel shirt to the warm fleece overshirt

When you think of checked shirts, the image of a lumberjack follows close behind. As a result, the checked shirt is intuitively associated with felling, forests and the natural world, which means it makes for great outdoors-wear and adventure gear! If you're wanting to channel true lumberjack style, then you'll want to opt for a slightly oversized flannel model with large checks. Wear it open, over a plain t-shirt, vest or thin turtleneck jumper! Thanks to their thicker fabric, flannel designs promise to provide extra warmth, meaning they're ideal for outdoor activities in spring, autumn and winter. In particularly chilly climes, upgrade your flannel shirt to a check fleece overshirt – a heavier, chunkier model that's been purpose-built for the cold, and specially designed to be worn as an outer layer. Whatever the fabric you go for, if you're adorning a checked shirt so that you can go out and explore the great outdoors, then (if you really want to look the part as an adventurer) pair it with some cargo trousers – another outdoor classic! The addition of walking boots and a backpack will really top off this look.

The smart long sleeve gingham or tartan shirt – perfect for work and more formal events!

As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the checks, the smarter the shirt! With that in mind, you'll want to favour designs that are more discreetly checked when it comes to work outfits and more formal attire. That's not to say that these more subtle designs are less stylish though. Quite the contrary! Often, these styles are embellished with extra details like contrasting turn up cuffs, buttoned chest pockets and a contrasting inner button placket for an extra dose of flair. Even if your choice of shirt doesn't have turn-ups, there's nothing to stop you rolling back your sleeves to add a slight edge to your style. While you’re at it, why not put on a men’s watch or bracelet to complete the look! To keep things sophisticated, opt for dark trousers or chinos of any colour and pair with well-polished boots or swanky loafers!

The checked shirt: one for the ages

There you go – a quick run through of all the best ways to wear a checked shirt! Whatever your mood, whatever the occasion and whatever the season, a checked shirt can work wardrobe wonders. It always has done and, in our opinion, always will do! So, be confident in the fact that, whichever outfit outlined above you decide to opt for, you're sure to take on the day looking stylishly on-trend. And, if your men's closet is lacking in the check shirt department, you know what you need to do... Hassle-free, easy-wear and easy-care, the plaid shirt is an everyday style game changer!

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