Clothing Colour Trends: 7 Key Colours for Winter 2024

It's no surprise that, through the years and across the seasons, different colour schemes and colour palettes fall in and out of fashion. That's not to say certain shades are strictly off-limits, but rather that a handful of hues have set the bar high for what really looks good at particular moments in time. No matter whether you're a trend setter or a humble fashion follower, cracking what winter colours are on the cards for 2024 is vital for devising winter outfits that are truly in style. And that's where we've come to your aid. We're here with a rainbow-coloured rundown of what tones both men's clothing and women's clothing are set to revolve around this season and beyond, homing in on the 7 key colours that are all the rage right now, and that you should prioritise when making a purchase. From gentle neutrals to earthy highlights and blue undertones, there are so many good winter colours to choose from to inspire your outfits. So, without further ado, read on to discover what winter colours are trending!

1. Grey is in fashion for winter 2024!

Light grey, charcoal grey, anthracite, you name it – every shade of grey is in this winter! Representative of winter skies and potentially grey winter moods, it's not hard to see why this cold-weather colour has come to the fore this season... Nevertheless, this mute shade packs a punch. Sleek, sophisticated and simple to pair, grey garments are guaranteed wardrobe winners. So, don't hold back from this shade! From grey tees and polo shirts, to charcoal chinos and cosy grey jumpers, the options for weaving this colour into your outfits are endless. For a truly chic look, grey is worn best when combined with other classic monotone pieces in black, white or blue. However, this colour also looks great as part of an all-grey ensemble in varying shades, or when paired with pastels. Ultimately, grey is one of those winter colours that's hard to get wrong and oh so easy to get right, so don't shy away from it!
Grey Coat
Grey Jacket
Grey Turtleneck Jumper

2. Earthy tones are in for winter and even spring and summer – from peach fuzz to warm terracotta and bright sunkissed coral

There's no doubt about it, earthy colours are set to steal the show in 2024, so build these warm tones and trendy colours into your winter wardrobe now, so that you're even better equipped with a variety of clay-coloured key pieces come later in the year. Spanning rich burnt-orange type tones that are reminiscent of Christmastime and also sunnier coral colours that give a nod to the longer, brighter days on the horizon, terracotta garments are about to become a striking feature of everyone's closet. So don't miss out on the action! Nominated the colour of the year by Pantone Colour Institute – the global expert on colour – peach fuzz is supposedly the shade to really invest in. But whether you follow the fashion guidelines to a tee and opt for this gentle orange-pink blend, or whether you're more comfortable in the warmest colour this copper palette has to offer, be sure to incorporate this scheme into your style this season, and well beyond.
Coral Fleece
Orange Polo Shirt
Block-colour Terracotta Jumper

3. What colours represent winter? This season's all about snowy white and soft-on-the eye cosy neutrals

As in previous years, crisp white shades and comfy neutrals are central to 2024 winter fashion! Symbolic of the big chill, snowfall, and warm wood fires (think neutral-coloured logs and roasted chestnuts), these trendy colours deserve your attention this season. And let's face it, these shades are best woven into your outfits through the embodiment of a cable knit jumper. After all, nothing is cosier than chunky knits in natural colouring. Paired with beige chinos or velvet-touch cords, subtle neutrals demand attention! Plus, these flattering colours look good on everyone, regardless of hair colour, skin tone and body shape. It's decided then – feel-good, hassle-free neutrals are some of the best colours for winter!
Neutral Fleece Jumper
Ecru Fleece

4. All shades of blue are trending, from electric navy to ultra-cool, pale powder blue

When you think of a winter palette, cool and icy pastel colours reflective of sub-zero temperatures and melancholy winter-blues sensations naturally spring to mind. It shouldn't come as a shock therefore that, in 2024, blue undertones are seeping through – and they're here to stay well into the summer! From chill-inducing powder blues to dusty blues, brighter sky blues and midnight shades that are so close on the spectrum to black they can be considered an in-between 'almost' navy – reminiscent of deep winter – blue is back! Although, granted, it never really went away... One of the best 2024 colours to incorporate into your looks, the beauty of blue is that it lets you include denim jeans and jackets in your outfits – the building blocks of most men's and women's wardrobes. As a result, sticking to this colour code is a pretty straightforward affair.
Blue Parka
Blue Knit
Blue Jumper

5. Colouring inspiration from the great outdoors: muted greens and forest shades are the way forward

Forest green is one of our favourite winter colours for 2024! It's rich in tone and adds a dose of vibrancy to any look, without being too overbearing. And, since at Atlas For Men we love the great outdoors, our obsession with all things green is underscored by the way in which this colour mirrors the depths of nature. Green is life-giving, and therefore promises to revive any wardrobe! While darker hues are perhaps our preference, everything from pale pistachio green to bright emerald green is in this season, so make sure you're kitted out with a couple of statement pieces that slot into this colour spectrum. And while the saying goes 'blue and green should never be seen', take no notice of this old remark which supposedly refers to sailing and the cinema – a capsized green ship being undetectable against the sea and a blue-green outfit too lacking in contrast to be picked up on black and white film. Feel free to pair this colour with your favourite denim jeans, or, match it with black or white to really make it pop. Dependent on the shade, green and grey also harmonise, so winter clothes in this colour promise outfit versatility alongside bags of on-trend style.
Green Shirt
Pistachio Green Fleece
Green Jumper
Green mottled knit

6. Which colour is trending now? We'd have to say a dark shade of cherry red!

While hot pink recently had a repeat heyday, more mature and complex colours like dark cherry, ruby red and the boldest scarlet shades are set to take over the scene in 2024. Adding sultry style and radiance to any look, these wine-coloured, plummy tones make for warming winter colours that help counteract the cold! When it comes to incorporating them into your day-to-day or special-occasion looks, the trick is to not try too hard. Let your red garment become the focus of an otherwise fairly simple outfit, avoid patterns and keep accessories to a minimum. Serving up a stark contrast, red and black or even red and white look great together for more formal settings, if high visual impact is your goal. But for more relaxed affairs, kick back, pair your statement red piece with blue jeans, and let this good winter colour do the talking! Alternatively – for doubled-up drama and maximum effect – channel this bold colour through bigger wardrobe pieces, like parkas and padded jackets.
Cherry Red Fleece Jacket
Dark Red Parka
Cherry Red Fleece Jumper

7. No need to worry about what the current on-trend colours are – black is timeless!

Ok, so we confess, this one is not strictly speaking forecast as a colour to watch in 2024. But, because of its age-old appeal, black is a worthy basis for your winter wardrobe. Epitomising the very depths of winter, drawn out dark nights and deceptive black ice, this sleek and sophisticated shade is as much a winter colour as it is one that works all year-round, in every setting. As well as its timelessness, what's great about black is that it pairs with everything, and we mean everything! Whether you opt for an all-black outfit, match this shade with white clothing for a complete contrast or pair it with other colours, it never fails to look good. There's no colour it doesn't complement and no natural colouring it doesn't sit right with – making it one of the best colours out there! In fact, we'd go as far as to say that no wardrobe is complete without a few black building blocks; black jeans, a black turtleneck, black t-shirts, and of course a smart black coat!
Black Coat
Black Fleece
Black Faux-Suede Jacket
Black Jumper

What is the latest colour trend forecast and what type of colour scheme is in style when it comes to winter clothes?

And there you have it – you no longer need to ask what colours to wear in winter! With all the above in mind, now you know all there is to know about the latest fashion colour trends and winter clothing colour combinations! This season's seven top shades are a mixture of classic monotones, traditional wintery white and blue undertones, and a couple of brighter and more daring colours – reds, greens and copper tones – that are sure to lift your looks. Of course, what colours work for one person may not necessarily do so for another, so you do need to lightly consider your own natural colouring before committing to every shade that features in this year's preferred winter colour palette. Cool winter colours will look best on some people, while others are more able to naturally pull off bolder shades. But ultimately, perfecting the art of dressing well and enhancing your winter fashion is all about experimenting, having fun, and taking risks (within reasonable limits). So, embrace colour in 2024 – there really is no reason to hesitate! Armed with the knowledge of what winter colour schemes are in style, we promise you're all set to devise some killer cold-weather looks!

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