The Casual Style Guide for Men - Looking Good While Staying Casual

While classic styles and sporty looks have their place, most of the time, a casual style is the go-to. It incorporates all your favourites, from jeans and trousers to tees and tops. It’s easy to mix and match your colours, livening up your neutrals with a splash of something more vibrant, and casual outfits are the perfect balance of comfort and style. Smart casual is comfortable yet elegant enough for a day in the office, and you can always choose something a little more special for a night out. There really is a casual style for every man and every situation.

Get your basics covered

First, let’s get down to basics...

There are a few items of clothing that every man needs in his wardrobe, which will form the basis of every casual outfit. These really are the building blocks of all your every day, laidback looks. And, since you'll be wearing them day in day out, it’s important to get them right. This will ensure you’ve got the comfort and quality you need, while steeping your outfits in style.

Starting low, you’ll need some good shoes that will complement the rest of your clothing, and get you from A to B in total comfort. Pick up some loafers, boots, an all important pair of trainers, and a set of sandals for summer. Next are your jeans and trousers – make sure they suit your body type, coming in a colour that will flatter your figure. A good selection of t-shirts, tops and shirts is essential too, to be worn under a fleece or jumper. Lastly, pick out a light jacket for summer, a body-warmer for the mid-season and a winter parka or puffer jacket for the cold months.

Neutral colours are your friend

Now you know what you need, let’s talk colours. You’ll want to start with neutral greys, navy blues and browns and work up from there. A splash of colour is great but avoid harsh primary colours and shiny fabrics – especially if you’re trying to slim down your figure. Try on a few colour combinations and see what kind of casual styles suits you.

The right balance of comfort and style

Style is important, but you mustn’t sacrifice comfort when choosing your outfit. Think about the time of year: a summer casual outfit will feature light, pale trousers or shorts and a thin tee or shirt, while winter casual demands thicker jeans and cosy flannel shirts. Be sure to choose the right size too – nobody feels casual when their shirt’s too tight!

Smart casual, for work and play

Office dress codes tend to be looser now than in past decades, and smart casual outfits have stepped up to fill the niche. A great pair of trousers with a long-sleeve shirt and a light jacket is ideal for many workplaces and is even perfect for after work too. Need smart casual ideas? Just browse our collections!

Looking your best on a night out

Whether you’re on a night out or going to the pub with your friends, you’ll need a suitable outfit. Keep it casual yet elegant, with a good pair of slim-fit jeans and a dark shirt, finished with an excellent pair of loafers and a stylish jacket. Take a little care with your casual outfit and you’ll be sure to look your best and be comfortable enough to last all night long!

A casual style for every man

So, is there anything better than a high quality, comfortable and elegant casual outfit? We don’t think so. Make sure you’re fully stocked up on the basics in the colours you need, and you’ll be ready for work and play. If you need some more ideas about how to put together the perfect casual outfit for you, why not browse our menswear pages for inspiration? You’ll find everything you need, in your size (S to 4XL) and at a price you will love. So what are you waiting for?

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