Ten Fashion Tips For Him: How To Dress Better

Since there's no official rule book to dressing well, achieving great style can sometimes seem an impossible feat. But the truth is it's not! While looking good comes naturally to some, the reality is that great style can be cultivated. That's why we're here to share our know-how, letting you in on ten tips and tricks that'll help you shape up and show up as the most stylish man in the room! Our advice is as follows...
Stylish winter look
Stylish classic look

1. Instantly look better with a carefully curated collection of basics – a guy’s best friend

All guys require a good set of basics, whether brand new or well loved. For all the fancy items hanging in your wardrobe, it's the mostly plain and easy-to-match t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jackets and shoes that will help you look your best day in, day out. Once you've got a solid base to your closet, all the other laws of fashion are far easier to abide to. A white t-shirt is paramount to good style, a black long sleeve top too. Throw in a couple of V-necks, a turtleneck, a classic denim jacket, a few pairs of shoes – some smart, some casual – and a small but selective array of shirts and trousers, and you're well on your way to being a well-dressed gent, whatever the dress code!

2. Select statement pieces to make dressing well easy

While basics should be prioritised, another great way to dress better is ensuring you've got a couple of go-to style staples on hand, hiding in your closet. A few statement pieces that you can regularly rotate between is all it takes to achieve a great look. What these key pieces actually are will depend on your personal preferences, it might be a stand-out sweatshirt or pair of trainers from a big name brand (be sure to check out our Marketplace selection if you're on the lookout), or it might be a classic faux-suede or faux-leather jacket, for the guy that favours trends that promise to stand the test of time. Regardless, a few extra-special items that you feel your absolute best in, and preferably ones that are easy-to-pair, will lift your looks no end.

3. Accessorising is the key!

Looking good is all about knowing exactly how to dress up your outfits. But since the art of accessorising isn't necessarily second nature to all, we're here to give you a few pointers... First off, less is more! Don't take accessorising to an extreme, as there is such a thing as over-embellishing your looks, which runs counter to the sharp sophistication that the addition of an accessory is intended to bring. Two or three men's accessories is an ideal target. If you're adorned with more, challenge yourself to remove those that are inessential before you step out the door. Now, if you don't know where to start when it comes to accessorising, we suggest settling on a watch. This is one of those items that pretty much every man feels comfortable wearing and, small but mighty, it has the potential to thoroughly transform your look. You could opt for a glinting metal model that's on the chunkier side, or play things more subtly with a split-leather bracelet design. Another 'safe' accessory option is a pair of sunglasses. On or off, they can add character to your look – just make sure to keep them on display even if you're not wearing them, whether that’s clipped into your V-neck or open shirt collar, or peeping out a chest pocket. Other slightly more adventurous accessories to consider, dependent on the occasion, include ties and bow ties, hats and caps, men's jewellery, patterned socks, pocket squares, bags and winter warmers. With all this in mind, all that's left to say is switch up your accessory combinations to keep things fresh, don't be afraid to try new add-ons, and enjoy elevating your looks!
Outfit with cap
Outfit with shades

4. How can you improve your style as a male? Opt for clothes that feel good and fit well!

One thing in particular that's fundamental to dressing well is knowing your body shape. Being well acquainted with your body type not only informs the cut of clothing you go for but also conditions you to choose items that fit you well. And a good fit is everything! In terms of cut, the basics to note are that if you're smaller on top, designs with structuring around the shoulders or even shoulder panels will add the volume you need to balance out your body. If your bottom half is narrower, wide leg or straight leg trousers will flatter you more than skinny styles. While close fitting or looser clothing can work wonders on different frames – the former mostly for straight up and down shapes and the latter for fuller figures – clothes that are simply too big or too small do no favours for any guy. On top of this, clothes that don't fit well do not just tend to look less good, but they feel less good too. And when it comes to dressing well, looking confident and comfortable in what you're wearing is half the battle. Given this, don't be afraid to size up or size down as required, and enthusiastically embrace practical clothing features like elastane-enriched fabric compositions, adjustable or elasticated waists, adjustable tabs, split sides and so on and so forth. Feeling at ease and free-to-move in your outfit will improve your style no end.

5. Plan your outfits in advance

We've all experienced scrambling to get dressed in the morning and stepping out the door feeling insecure about the outfit we threw together last minute. And, in the vein of dressing well, this is exactly the type of behaviour that needs eradicating! As well as giving yourself plenty of time to get ready, we suggest picking out the next day's outfit the night before. The same applies to dressing for special events. Free from frenzy, this organised approach will enable you to make sensible style choices that in turn boost your confidence, letting you rock all the more whatever you choose to wear.

6. Master colour coordination to dress well

Another hack for style success is to learn how to correctly colour coordinate. To avoid going rogue, limit yourself to a maximum of three colours per outfit. This rule will help you look put-together and convey a sense of intentionality in everything you're wearing! Plus, it'll make the actual process of getting dressed ten times easier, as you'll narrow down what clothes are an option dependent on your colour code of choice. While three colours maximum is a hard and fast rule, there are no limitations when it comes to shades, which are different takes on the same colour. For instance, an outfit composed of a white t-shirt layered with a sky-blue shirt, blue indigo jeans and tan loafers is allowed! Keeping your colours to a minimum will help each component of your look complement the others, creating a cohesive ensemble. And for one extra piece of colour coordination advice, always match your belt and shoes!
Burgundy coordinated look
Coordinated shirt and t-shirt combo

7. Keep your wardrobe in check!

A good wardrobe results in good style – it's as simple as that! Keep your closet ordered and tidy, and aim to have all your items visibly on display. Having a proper overview of what clothes you own will give you greater ability to mix and match your items with variety, resulting in increased style. It's for this very reason that a wardrobe that's more on the minimal side is better than one that's overflowing with clothing that's no longer suitable. Declutter your wardrobe every now and then, donating items that no longer fit your body or your style preferences, and take the time to keep the clothes you love well maintained. If your favourite shirt is missing a button for instance, set the time aside to sew one back on with the help of our maintenance guide, so that it is wearable once again. Ultimately, you want to open your wardrobe doors and be inspired by what you see! Taking regular stock of your wardrobe will also alert you to any key component that's missing, enabling you to remedy the problem quickly. Looking well dressed in winter is hard to achieve, for instance, if it turns out you're not equipped with a fit-for-all-occasions outer layer!

8. Play with prints, patterns and textures

While it's always sensible to nail dressing in neutral colours first, once you've got that down then it's time to have some fun. Give yourself the liberty to experiment with prints, patterns and textures, in all their forms! If this freedom has you feeling a little panicked, then there's a couple of ways to keep yourself on track. Either opt for a monochrome outfit, and choose just one daring item, be it a micropatterned design or a garment with a bold motif. Or, play with as many prints, patterns and textures as you like, so long as you stick to a single colour palette. For instance, a brown checked flannel shirt, with plain beige chinos, an ecru fleece gilet and brown faux-suede boots is sure to work. By keeping to multiple variations of the same colour, you'll effortlessly accentuate the different textures and patterns that make up your look, helping everything simultaneously blend and contrast in a way that's easy on the eye!

9. The best looks entail layers

Layers are yet another great way for a man to achieve winning style. This classic dressing technique has been around for decades, and there's a reason why! Not only are layers the answer to indeterminable weather conditions, helping you easily regulate your temperature by taking off or pulling on another item, but they are also the solution to achieving a sophisticated look without having to try too hard. Trust us, layering is easy! But there are certain rules to follow...

For those new to layering, you can't go too wrong if you stick to multiple shades of one colour. Just make sure you keep things ordered for aesthetic appeal – start with either the darkest or lightest item closest to your body, and gradually build or fade the colour with each added garment. For those that are more adventurous, multiple colours are fine but favour at least one neutral item and restrict yourself to one patterned layer only. Additionally, so that your entire outfit blends, and since your look will be busier on top, favour neutral colours on your bottom half, whether that's black or dark blue jeans, or off-white chinos. For a clean finish and high-quality look, also try and prevent your base layer from peeping out beneath whatever you've placed on top. This may mean opting for a base layer with a slightly shorter cut to it (or simply tucking it into your trousers) and may also mean folding up the cuffs if you're wearing long sleeves. Adhere to these principles and you're all set!

Colour coordination
Matching outfit

10. Hone in on the small details!

Our final tip for looking on point, whatever the occasion, is to focus on the little details. The small things can make all the difference to giving off a good first impression, so they really are worth zooming in on. However high quality your menswear, if you've not taken the time to iron it then it won't grant you instant style success. Instead, for a quick win, keep your items neatly hung up in your wardrobe and ensure they're crease-free and freshly scented before you slip them on. Similarly, ensure your shoes are well-polished and mud-free. Lint rollers are a great way to remove fluff and keeping a comb in your bag or pocket will enable you to remain perfectly coiffed throughout the day. Other details to keep tabs on when giving yourself one last look in the mirror include: checking your buttons are all done up correctly, that your shirt or top is properly tucked in, that your tie isn't crooked and that your pockets aren't bulging. Trust us, the little things make a big impact!

How can you improve your men's outfits? Now you know all!

With these ten tips for dressing well slipped up your sleeve, you're sure to look good on all occasions, from formal dinners to trips to the local! All the above promise to turn your style up a notch, helping you look like the handsome devil you've always been. So, why wait? Put our advice into action, step outside your comfort zone and dress better!

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