Autumn Clothing Ideas: Mid-Season Wardrobe Essentials

One of the few perks of summer drawing to a close is that you get to raid your wardrobe and bring out all your most loved, cosy, autumn-winter clothes and layers again. Not only that, but the shifting season provides the perfect excuse to refresh your wardrobe, invest in some new statement items, and switch up your look. But, as a nip in the air arrives and the leaves start to brown, knowing exactly how to dress for the mid-season can pose some challenges, especially for those of us living in the UK. There’s a reason why we all love to talk about the weather… because it’s so unpredictable! Lucky for you, we're here with a seasonal edit, providing all the know-how for making sure your autumn outfits are not only on trend but climate-appropriate too. So, read on!

What are ideal autumn clothing colours?

For your autumn outfits, draw inspiration from the changing nature around you. Autumn is a season rich with beauty – think crunchy leaves, pumpkins and bonfires – providing you with the perfect blueprint for your fall fashion colour palette. Warm shades of brown, burnt orange and golden, caramel tones (as well as pretty much anything in between this given colour spectrum) are an ideal basis for your outfit. Plus, they are sure to exude casual charm and a certain air of cosiness. This colour palette pairs particularly well with shades of cream or green, or even navy or black if coordinated with care. You really want your mid-season autumnal wardrobe to primarily feature darker, muted items, with several lighter and brighter items mixed in! For instance, pair a brown or camel faux-suede jacket with an ecru jumper and black or grey jeans for an understated but oh so sophisticated autumn look! For a touch of playfulness that bends the rules though, why not add a baseball cap or scarf that lends a different hue to your outfit. Autumn’s all about blending your clothing colours, while incorporating something slightly unexpected to give your outfit a stylish, seasonal edge!

The best of autumn-winter fashion: what are the kind of clothes and outfits you should wear to stay on-trend and in style?

The onset of the mid-season opens up a whole wealth of style opportunities. Where the summer heat limits you to more simplistic, generally 2-piece outfits (such as shorts and a trendy t-shirt), as the autumn and winter unfolds and layers become a necessity, you are free to expand your look and show off a greater proportion of your wardrobe once more! As jackets come back into play, wearing anything with Sherpa-lined edges will have you hitting the mark this autumn season. For more casual occasions however, why not consider investing in a puffer jacket or padded gilet? Super warm, these bulkier, more urban outer-layers are a real staple when it comes to clothing for autumn – particularly popular in recent years, they're sure to see a return in Autumn 2024. Even better, they gain points not just for autumn street style, but practicality too!

However, although you’ll be seen in your outer-layers a lot, what you wear underneath is just as important. Checked flannel or brushed fleece shirts and overshirts are a style game-changer. Wear them buttoned up, or open and layered-up over a plain base, such as a classic turtle neck jumper. The checked design is a great way of tastefully working multiple colours into your outfit. Even better, these shirts lend a hand to any sort of occasion! They really do mold to any dress code (barring black tie of course). As well as turtle necks, fleece jumpers with an insulating zip-up funnel neck are a definite wardrobe essential for this time of year.

As the weather turns, it’s the ideal moment to return to those timeless and faithful denim jeans for your bottom half. Nonetheless, if you want to switch things up a bit, then corduroy trousers or cargo pants are the perfect alternative. In keeping with this upcoming season’s style focus on utility items, the latter make a good investment now more than ever!

Finishing off your autumn season clothing looks

Of course your mid-season looks would not be complete without added accessories. From scarfs, to gloves, to hats, it’s time to throw on those cosy winter warmers! Added to this, a cross-body bag will have you looking autumn chic and will mean you can keep your hands snugly tucked in your pockets.

And there you have it! With our top autumn style ideas, you'll be looking ready for the mid-season in no time! For any items that you don't already have hiding away, shop our collection of menswear – we have everything you need to revamp your wardrobe!

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