Women's Body Types: How to Dress for Your Shape

Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes. So, whatever your shape, you deserve to love your body! Since trends come and go, it’s not always easy to keep up and learn how to adapt them to your shape and style. But, looking good is about feeling good, and once you learn how to dress for your body type, it’s amazing how simple it is to build a wardrobe full of items that you love to wear. Choosing clothing that flatters your favourite features will leave you feeling bold and confident, ready to take on your day! So, whether you have a petite frame or curvy figure, decipher your body type and read our tips and tricks to make personal styling easy. The only question left to answer is: which women's body type are you?

 Different female body shapes: how to determine if you have an A frame figure?

If you've got wider hips than shoulders, you can confidently assume that you've got an A frame. This body type is often characterised by a small chest, a distinguished waist, generous hips and a curvy bottom. If this is your figure, the most flattering clothing tactic is to draw attention towards your bust (rather than your wider hips) in order to balance out your silhouette.

The best clothes to suit a wide hip A frame

Since the aim of the game is to attract people's gaze to your upper half, don't be afraid to play things bolder on top! Opt for classic V-necks, tops with boat-shaped or square necklines, or even statement pieces with large collars! Blouses that have loose-fitting, frilly or balloon sleeves will also work a treat for you. Well-fitted jackets and anything with structured shoulders will equally help you attractively define your shape. And, if you love colours and print patterns, then feel free to go all out – these are perfect for captivating the eye up top. As a general rule of thumb, dress as playfully as you like from the waist up, but favour sober styles when it comes to your bottom half. Give preference to straight cut or flared trousers, and A-line dresses and skirts. Plus, go for darker colours to elongate your heavier half, or alternatively dress in a similar shade form head to toe for an even shape.

Understanding the ectomorph female frame: what is an H shape?

You're an H shape if your hips and shoulders fall in line with each other and your waistline is not visibly accentuated. This type of figure usually goes hand in hand with a petite frame – a smaller chest combined with a less curvy bottom half. Unlike the A frame, there are no disproportions to disguise for this type of figure. Nevertheless, there are a few hacks that can be followed to subtly create the illusion of curves and draw out your feminine physique.

The best clothes to suit an athletic H frame

On top, blouses made from fluid and delicately flowing fabric appear to positively change your outline, as well as elegant V-necks or – for those who are particularly small on top – pretty round necks. Lower down, this body shape can pull off pretty much anything! If you want to maximise your curves, trousers with a lower cut waist and back pockets work a charm. While you should feel happy and confident wearing whatever, it's worth noting that excessively loose fitting clothing and high waisted items (and belts and drawstring waists that equally draw the eye to your midsection) may be a little less flattering.

How to know if you're an O shape: the curvy female frame

Big is beautiful, and if you're on the curvy side you're most likely an O shape! This body type describes women with a fuller overall build – a generous bust and hips, and a wider waist measurement. O-shaped ladies who want to make the most of their figure should aim to put the spotlight on their best features by remodeling other areas. Items that are skin-tight or overly baggy are probably worth avoiding, and garishly bright or pleated fabrics ideally shouldn't be your first choice either.

The best way to style an O frame

Long sleeve tops or tops with delicate three-quarter sleeves are a great match for this type of frame, as are square or sweetheart necklines. On your lower half, high waisted trousers will narrow the appearance of your midsection and cleverly cover up places that you might not feel so confident about. In terms of trousers, choose whatever style you want: straight leg, bootcut or flowing trousers. To elongate your physique, pair your outfit with a trendy pair of heels. For skirts and dresses, give preference to designs that fall below or just above the knee for a lengthening effect. Darker tones and monochrome outfits can appear slimming – if that's what you're after – but make sure to leave some room for playful, bold and colourful accessories.

Hourglass, 8-figure shape

Often referred to as an hourglass figure, your body mirrors the shape of the number 8 if your frame is on the fuller side – with a curvier chest and bottom – but you have a narrow waist. This body shape is often idealised, but the way you dress still counts for something if you want your outfit to be as complementary as it can be!

The best clothes to suit an 8 frame

Tops that draw in at the waist will flatteringly highlight your naturally narrow midsection, while attractive necklines (square, round, sweetheart or V-shaped) will shine a spotlight on your chest area, accentuating one of your best features. Partner with straight cut or boot cut trousers or even a straight skirt for maximum effect. On the other hand, puffy blouses, pleated items and baggy designs will do you less justice, hiding your great form from sight.

The V shape (inverted triangle)

Known as the inverted triangle, the V frame describes ladies whose shoulders are further set apart than their hips. Your body composition is such that your waist, hips and legs are narrower than your upper half, without even taking your bust size into consideration. The goal here is to dress in a way that draws attention towards your legs, while making the breadth of your shoulders less immediately visible.

The best ways to style a V frame

Flowing t-shirts and blouses are the way to go, specifically models that have a stunning V-neck or round neck and that taper in (even if just subtly) at the waist. Glossing over your shoulders and carving out a defined waist, these will help change the shape of your inverted triangle morphology into a more even silhouette. On the flip side, boat-shaped necklines and spaghetti straps that redirect attention back to your broad shoulders are preferably one to avoid. As your legs are one of your best assets (the narrow pinnacle of your inverted triangle frame), don't be afraid to show them off in short or long skirts, jeans, or shorts, but opt for flowy or flared styles that will add a sense of volume to balance out your lower and upper half.

The X-factor X shape

Similar to the H frame, your body traces the shape of an X if your hips and shoulders are equidistant from each other – but the latter form has the additional characteristic of a very fine waist. Like every body type, this is one to love! X-shaped women look good in everything, but some clothes still flatter their physique more than others. The tip is to let your tiny waist steal the show.


The best clothes to suit an X shape

Delicate and traditionally feminine tops with a pinched in waist will highlight your glorious natural shape. Sweetheart necklines, V-necks, flowing or figure-hugging tops will all work well for you. The same is true below – wear whatever you fancy, but keep in mind that items with an adjustable waist will particularly work wonders for you.

Size 8-10 or size 24-26, look and feel a million dollars!

Knowing how to best flatter your figure through the way you dress has the capacity to completely change how you look and how you consequently feel about yourself. Whether you're an ectomorph (somebody who is naturally lean), mesomorph (someone who has a medium frame) or endomorph (a person with a rounder build), and regardless of whether you're a size 8-10 or a more voluptuous size 24-26, selecting your clothes wisely can transform and accentuate your body shape no end. So, implement our dressing top tips, show off your naturally beautiful form – whatever shape it may be – and celebrate the sensational woman that you are.

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